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Unlock locker locks with ease

Mobile Apps to Operated Smart Locker Systems

In today's time, mobile devices are an indispensable part of everyday life. GANTNER provides its customers with special mobile applications such as the LockPal and ECO LockPal App, which enable the convenient and secure opening and closing of lockers via a smartphone.

  • Secure and reliable
  • User-friendly app interface design
  • For Apple and Android

Mobile Apps: LockPal and ECO LockPal App

In today’s time, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of daily life. To reach this ever-expanding audience, GANTNER also offers several mobile applications to its customers. An app is not only useful for consumers but also helps the staff manage your infrastructure.

The LockPal App and ECO LockPal App are specifically tailored to the needs of GANTNER customers, allowing you to open and close lockers conveniently and securely using a smartphone app. There is a smartphone app available for both centrally-operated and battery-operated GANTNER Smart Locker Systems.

For centrally-operated locker systems: LockPal App
For battery-operated locker systems: ECO LockPal App


NEW: HID Mobile Credentials
If you are already using HID technologies and wish to use your smart device (smartphone or smartwatch) to operate GANTNER NET.Locks you no longer need a separate app. You can easily use your HID Mobile Credential in your Wallet app (Apple and Android) to open and close GANTNER Smart Locker Systems.

Smartphone Apps to Operated Smart Locker Systems

Mobile Apps

Unlock lockers with ease using your smartphone: Discover GANTNER’s secure, user-friendly apps for Apple and Android.