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Mobile Locker Access via NFC

Use a HID Mobile Credential to Operate GANTNER NET.Locks directly at the Door Using Your Smart Device of Choice

Using your smartphone as a digital key to access a locker offers unparalleled convenience and security in today's fast-paced world. This innovative technology not only eliminates the need for traditional physical keys but also provides a seamless user experience. This digital transformation revolutionizes the way we interact with lockers, making our lives easier and more efficient.

  • No need for a terminal, operate directly at the door
  • Credential is stored directly in the wallet of your smartphone or smart watch
  • No longer requiring a physical key

NET.Lock works with HID mobile access – directly at a door via NFC

HID Mobile Credential - Your Smartphone as a Key Replacement

The world is becoming increasingly “mobile,” so why not use your smartphone as a convenient replacement for your personal locker key? GANTNER makes it possible – your smartphone easily becomes a digital key replacement for locking and unlocking your locker. You don’t need to open an app, fiddle with a central terminal, enter a PIN code, or press any buttons. It’s secure, fast, and incredibly convenient.

You simply hold your smartphone up to your locker lock, and it instantly locks or unlocks. It’s that easy! The mobile credential takes on all the functions of a physical data carrier, such as an RFID employee card, a student ID, or a key fob. The unique identification number is integrated into the HID mobile credential, which GANTNER locker locks read and recognize as authorization. GANTNER is the only provider of smart locker solutions that enable direct NFC communication between your mobile phone and the locker lock. And if you prefer to use a Smart Watch, that works of course just fine with our locks too.

You don't believe it works that easily?

📱 Directly at the door: Maximum privacy and no separate central terminal is necessary.

🔑 No physical credential: No distribution issues and no more concerns about lost or misplaced physical credentials.

💳 Digital wallet: Secure, convenient, sustainable – one wallet app for several authorizations.

Moble Credential benefits:

  • No app
  • No terminal
  • No extra steps

All You Need is Your Mobile Device

HID mobile access

The digital mobile credential from HID in your wallet app: It‘s a digital credential that acts like a physical credential such as RFID employee cards or key fobs. The mobile solution can be used in addition to physical credentials or stand-alone. The mobile credential is provided by HID. The GANTNER NET.Lock system is fully compatible with HID’s mobile credentials. Every NET.Lock retrieves the authorization credential via NFC – there is no need to open any app, simply download the credential to the Apple Wallet. Even with a drained battery, it works using the iPhone‘s energy reserve. And Android users? The mobile credential from HID can be easily used in combination with HID’s mobile wallet app.


Easy 2 Steps:



NET.Locks Work with HID Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

GANTNER x Apple Wallet

Mobile credentials in wallets have taken a significant step in terms of convenience and integration by allowing users to operate GANTNER locker locks with their HID Mobile Credentials in the Apple Wallet. This innovative development seamlessly combines state-of-the-art NFC technology with smart locker locking systems.

The synergy between GANTNER Smart Locker Systems and mobile permissions in the Apple Wallet introduces a new era of convenience and modernization. Users can now experience a more efficient and technologically advanced method for using their lockers and storage spaces. This also underscores the evolution and necessity of smart locker locks in the digital age.


HID Technology Partner

Silver Partner

GANTNER is a certified technology partner of HID. This means that the compatibility of the NET.Lock system with HID’s mobile authorization technology has been extensively tested and confirmed.

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Gerhard Pichler

CSO - Chief Sales Officer

Tel. +43 5552 33944
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HID Mobile Credential to Operate GANTNER Locker Systems

HID Mobile Locker Access

The GANTNER smart locker systems work with HID mobile access credentials – directly at the locker door via NFC.