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Electronic locks for lockers.

Smart locks for your lockers

  • Traditional locks and keys can erode productivity.
  • Electronic locking solutions are more reliable and durable and increase security and efficiency
  • Enhance your security and switch to an electronic solution.

Enhanced locker security

Simple, stylish and always secure

GANTNER´s innovative locking systems are valued across many industries, including hospitals, universities, commercial sites and leisure facilities. From battery-powered to networked smart locks, GANTNER is sure to have a suitable solution for numerous applications. After decades of intensive research and development, GANTNER can guarantee a secure, reliable, and future-proof smart lock system, all to make locker management easy for you.


Eliminating the problems of jammed locks, members losing their keys or coins, or leaving their gym kit locked up for days, GANTNER’s electronic locking systems for lockers give operators complete control over their changing rooms while offering ease of use for customers. Never before has it been easier to gain control of your locker rooms!

Whether you’re a leisure operator, corporate office, student facility or hospital, GANTNER has a bespoke design to simplify your daily operations and create a premium customer experience.

Why an electronic locking system for my lockers?


Your customers’ valuables and belongings are safe and secure with a GANTNER locker.


Choose from a networked solution for impressive functionality or a reliable battery-powered option depending on your scale and budget.


GANTNER lockers deliver an excellent user experience every time, so your customers will love them.


Multiple locker modes provide the flexibility to make all lockers available or to individually assign or rent lockers for a defined time period.


No PIN numbers for customers to remember, no mechanical keys to lose or break, or padlocks to carry around or leave at home. Both users and operators benefit from reliable simplicity.


For openings and closings, an audible user feedback is provided. Each locking system provides a clear status display, showing which lockers are available and which are in-use.


All GANTNER locking systems operate with NFC-enabled phones, cards, and wristbands and are built to work with and leverage international standards based technologies


GANTNER lockers deliver an excellent user experience every time, so your customers will love them.

Further information

Smart locks for efficient security

Take control of your lockers with a Gantner locker security system

Our smart locker solutions are a key part of your access control system. From gym and sports wardrobe lockers to school and employee changing rooms, Gantner ensures efficient locker security with our electronic smart locks and full locker solutions.

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