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Digitale Zeiterfassung mittel dem abgebildeten Terminals von GANTNER

Increase Your Efficiency in Attendance Management with Electronic Time Clocks

Employee time recording is an essential part of attendance management that shapes the company environment. It provides transparency, helps with scheduling and payroll. But how do you make it easy, seamless and unobtrusive? It’s simple. A GANTNER attendance management system takes care of all your company’s time-keeping needs. Perfectly attuned to the requirements of modern communications between HR Departments and staff: GANTNER electronic time clocks for employees are an ideal solution for companies and organizations looking to track personnel time and attendance.

Efficiency Is a Question of Time

Whether you are managing full-time employees or part-time staff: attendance management done well is crucial for overall productivity and scheduling. Transparent time recording and administration can greatly increase the trust factor at your company, but a GANTNER system goes far beyond simple recording of employees working hours.

As an employer you profit from the benefits of a wholly integrated time management system that lets employees record their clock-in and clock-out times themselves, apply for leave, or record absences at the GT7 terminal with Time and Attendance App. Our “time clock” is highly secure with end to end encryption and can be linked to your access control system, ensuring individual time recording and access with one smart card. Reap the benefits of a modern attendance management from GANTNER!

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Digitale Zeiterfassung mittel dem abgebildeten Terminals von GANTNER


Attendance management and HR duties come together easily: Integrate real-time data with HR and payroll management to monitor and record working hours, absences, late arrivals and more. Use the electronic time clock to enable employees to use access information that’s important to them when they are punching in or out: Using their RFID employee cards they can check reports on their current time balances or even current security information. Even applying for time off is as easy as tapping a card on the central terminal and choosing a time frame. The request will be forwareded to HR to facilitate a time efficient approval process.


The use of existing staff smart ID cards makes the process of attendance management as simple and as time efficient as possible – and efficiency leads to time-saving, which ultimately means cost savings for your business! Safe even more time by combining the innovative GANTNER systems such as access control, smart locker systems and cashless payment solutions, e.g. for your canteen — all terminals and systems can be used with a single, personalized Employee ID.

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Your Benefits With The Attendance Management System by GANTNER


Recording of attendance times (“punching in and out”) with ID/credentials in real time.


Display for individual use: employees or staff can read time balance and vacation times at a glance.


Outstanding design for seamless integration into the architecture (flush and surface mounted)


Intuitive to use, multi-lingual displays for a variety of languages for a smooth experience.


Standard interfaces for integration into time recording programs


Seamless integration with 3rd party time and attendance software according to open interfaces to the GANTNER hardware

Further information

The Attendance Management System that Grows with Your Business

Transparent digital attendance management strengthens the confidence of your employees in your organization. Employees and staff have their full information about over time, scheduling and absences at a glance. These features also make payroll management more transparent for staff on flexible shifts. Whether they are working late or doing a double shift: the system can take any indivdual changes into account.

In addition to recording clock-in and clock-out entries, a GANTNER system offers a range of other features. Combine security and efficiency with our time recording terminal: Employees clock in at the start of working hours and clock out when leaving the building. No queues or search for punch cards like back in the day; just a quick tap on the terminal with a personalized secure and fast data carrier, such as an RFID transponder or smart card. Using existing personal smart cards makes the process as easy and time efficient as possible – and efficiency leads to time savings, which ultimately means a cost reduction for your company!

Double The Security with Our Access and Attendance Management Systems

The personalized data carriers can be used to maximize security. One card for your electronic time clock and your access control system provides a highly secure, integrated system with end to end encryption. When arriving, employees clock in with the time and attendance terminal, which checks them in to gain access to their authorized areas. During their working hours they can use any of the personnell only areas via their credential.

When clocking out they are registerd as having left. Their access is withdrawn again until they clock in at their scheduled shift or during company opening hours. This means that even lost data carriers do not become a security risk. You can make digital time recording even more secure by using a GANTNER time recording terminal (GT7) including a fingerprint reader. This increases user comfort and reduces security gaps to a minimum.

Even More Features that Boost of Efficiency and Tranparency

  • Customize your experience: decide which data your employees can view and put in at the attendance management terminal. Customize which information is sent to your HR department to document or record absences. Select the individual data carrier for your personnel time recording system for up to 10,000 people.
  • Multilingual user interface: Whether your company has international branches with various languages spoken or you facilitate communication for speakers of various languages in just one location: The GANTNER attendance management system provides a useful interface that strengthens the transparency of digital time recording for all employees. The presentation of different languages on the modern display of the time recording terminal also makes it easier to use for recording working hours.
  • Open interface: GANTNER offers software interfaces for attendance management systems. If you already have software for recording working times: We will be happy to check whether our hardware can be integrated into your time recording software. Our hardware can be integrated into all time recording and attendance management software. Thanks to the open interfaces of our system, a connection to your preferred personnel software is effortlessly possible. We have a large software partner network with long-standing partnerships.
  • Combine GANTNER systems: Thanks to our well integrated solutions for RFID/NFC controlled systems, you and your employees only need one data carrier for access control systems, time and attendance, cashless payment and electronic locks for smart locker systems.

The Electronic Time Clock for Employees: Smart and Convenient

Booting up your laptop in the morning only to punch in to slow-loading systems is a thing of the past. With digital time recording on a GT7 terminal from GANTNER your employees can concentrate on their core tasks right from the start. At the same time, you enable the employees of your organization to check their own time credits. Full transparency not only strengthens your staff’s trust in you as an employer. It also helps to prevent errors: if employees notice irregularities on the terminal display, they can contact the HR department to have a correction made. If, for example, they forget to clock in before or after breaks or a field service appointment, they can report it right away. In addition, employees have the ability to request their leave directly on the device and view the remaining days of leave.

Whether You Call It Bundy Clock or Time Clock: GANTNER Has The Electronic System for Your Needs

Where ever you do business in the world: GANTNER ist your experienced partner when it comes to RFID/NFC-based systems that ensure security of your staff, company assets and visitors. Whether your headqurters are situated in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy or the United Arab Emirates: The need for security and the wish for convenience is universal. All our systems habve open interfaces to integrate specific software that is compatible with local laws and currencies.

The GANTNER group provides a full service and gives you the freedom to choose. You may use our management software or that of a third party from one of our partners. For RFID locker locks or acccess management systems we work with a wide network of partners who provide state of the art lockers, cabinets, doors or gates for your facilities. At the same time we can incorporate most of our security systems into any third party locker or physical access control of your choice. Our scalable systems like access management, attendance management or cashless payment solutions can be used independently or connected and used together with a single RFID card.

GANTNER – your security is our business. Want to find out more about our services or products? Contact the GANTNER branch near you to receive a free consultation!

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