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Technical Training

Technical trainings offered

Through a combination of presentations and workshops, the GANTNER academy provides a variety of trainings. All trainings are composed by both informative presentations and hands on excercises, giving you the possibility to try your new knowledge. Technical trainings teach the skills needed to implement, maintain, support or operate the GANTNER products or services.

Trainings at a glance

Sales Module: Corporate

  • Locking Systems in Corporate Office Solutions
  • IT Security
  • Costs of Locker Management
  • Network Partner

Technical Module: Battery Locking System

  • GAT ECO.Side Lock
  • GAT ECO.Lock
  • GAT Info 6100
  • GAT ECO.Lock Manager

Technical Module: Networked Locking System

  • GAT NET.Lock 7000
  • GAT Relaxx
  • GAT Info 6100
  • GAT Writer 6000

Technical Module: Terminals

  • Configuration and Installation
  • Existing Terminals
  • New Terminals: GT7.XXXX
  • Dispenser- and Return machines

Software Integration Module: Integration of GANTNER Devices

  • GAT DIRECT.Connect & GAT Relaxx
  • Structures of Commands
  • Implementation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best practices

ONE-ON-ONE Meetings

  • With the responsible personnel from our Product Management and Development Departments


Registration is possible up to four weeks before the course starts at the latest.
Due to the limited number of participants, it is recommended to register as early as possible.

Training Date Registrieren
Technical Training The date will be announced as soon as possible.