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GANTNER Electronic GmbH

Pioneer in the field of RFID/NFC technology

As an early pioneer in the field of NFC (near-field communications) technology, GANTNER’s hardware and software innovations have been transforming the way companies interact with their customers and employees for the past 40 years.


Our contactless NFC systems can be found worldwide, delivering market-leading access control, electronic locker solutions and cashless payment systems for the global leisure and commercial industries.

Our commitment to growth, excellence and performance have made us the partner of choice for many leading companies and institutions in fields as diverse as leisure and retail, commerce, finance, healthcare, education and local government. Whether you run a fitness club, waterpark, spa or ski resort, private hospital, library, office block or educational establishment, GANTNER has access and payment technology solutions that can be entirely tailored to your business needs. GANTNER systems create a contactless environment where admissions, lockers, and point-of-sale offers can all be operated with a single NFC credential: in the form of a contactless card, wristband, or key tag.

This simplified all-in-one solution has revolutionised both the customer and employee journey, streamlined our clients’ entire business operations, brought multiple benefits in the form of reduced administration and running costs, and given both large and small companies a highly competitive edge in their respective markets.


With GANTNER technology on board, your visitors will enjoy a more convenient and secure customer experience, your employees will benefit from a better day-to-day working environment, and your secondary income opportunities will grow exponentially, bringing you a far quicker return on investment. Because our open source systems can link with many third-party software, and our hardware easy to retrofit into many existing set-ups – our flexible solutions can save you even more time and money. Leisure and commercial technologies continue to advance at an increasingly fast pace. With its strong history and vanguard culture, GANTNER is committed to leading from the front, bringing improvements and innovations to market, and creating tomorrow’s future-proof technologies, today.


Founded more than 40 years ago in the picturesque Austrian winter sport town of Schruns, GANTNER’s portfolio of products reflect more three decades of dedication and experience in research and development


GANTNER is now active in 70 countries, with subsidiaries established in Germany, the United Kingdom, Dubai and Australia.


The company is continuously expanding, with 130 employees based at its headquarters in Nüziders and a total of over 500 staff worldwide

Success story

2022: Anniversary 40 years of GANTNER

2020: GANTNER becomes part of the SALTO Group

2020: Acquisition of contidata Datensysteme GmbH

2019: New Headquarters in Nüziders

2017: Acquisition of Syx Automations, providing ticketing and leisure management solutions for the arts and cultural sector, visitor attractions and leisure industry customers over 30 years.

2017: GANTNER founds subsidiary GANTNER Technologies, INC in California (USA).

2014: Acquisition of directonline, a leading provider of IT solutions and customized software development.

2009: GANTNER opens the “Sicherheitszentrale”, a flagship store in Bregenz (A)

2008: GANTNER founds subsidiary GANTNER Electronic PTY Ltd. Australia

2006: GANTNER founds subsidiary GANTNER Electronics Ltd. in St. Neots (UK).

2005: The GANTNER Electronic GmbH office in St. Neots (GB) is founded.

2002: Wilhelm Gantner hands over the general management of the company to Elmar Hartmann.

2001: The GANTNER Electronic GmbH office in Dubai (UAE) is founded.

1998: Company moves into the new building in the Montafonerstraße in Schruns (Austria).

1996: Development of a new product range with the purchase of the range of time measurement systems for carrier pigeon racing from the then world market leader BENZING (VS-Schwenningen, Germany): With chip rings, loft antennas, stationary and mobile recording systems a new application for the non-contact identification technology from GANTNER ELECTRONIC® is marketed successfully around the world.

1996: The 100% subsidiary GANTNER ELECTRONIC GMBH DEUTSCHLAND is founded for the sale of electronic access and time recording solutions.

1993: A decisive indication of the course towards global marketing of the company’s own products and solutions is the company’s participation in the F.M. ZUMTOBEL Group (Dornbirn/Austria).

1988: With three partners Wilhelm Gantner founds the company ACE Automation Computer Engineering GmbH in Salzburg (Austria) with the aim of marketing the GANTNER ELECTRONIC® product range around the world. In 1993 the company is taken over completely and integrated into GANTNER ELECTRONIC® GmbH.

1982: Building on the experience he has gained as a co-founder of an electronics company which successfully built up a new market with self-developed electronic safety and ticket systems, Wilhelm Gantner brings the company GANTNER ELECTRONIC® into being in spring 1982 in Schruns (Austria). GANTNER ELECTRONIC® soon becomes a partner for innovative research and development orders to renowned companies at home and abroad.