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With Gantner's Healthcare Access Control you can secure personal belongings and medical equipment in hospitals. Discover our smart solutions for optimal security.

Safety for the entire healthcare facility

Access control systems for patient safety in hospitals

Hospitals need to manage large numbers of visitors, staff, and patients, as well as third-party service providers such as physical therapists.

In addition, there are high requirements for data protection and the security of all persons in the hospital as well as individual access authorizations to medical data and sensitive rooms in clinics such as medication storage, intensive care units or laboratories. Especially in a hospital with these complex requirements, the safety of staff and patients is of the utmost importance.

With the right healthcare access control systems from Gantner, you can keep track of areas that house sensitive data or require a higher level of security, such as wards, staff rooms and operating rooms.

Essentially, healthcare access control is a security system that regulates who has access to a healthcare facility and its various areas and rooms. Securing and protecting people, valuables, sensitive data and areas, and pharmaceuticals has never been easier.

With modern access control from Gantner, you can easily ensure that from the main entrances to individual departments and sensitive medical areas, everyone can only go where they are allowed to go.

Let's take the intensive care unit as an example: who has access to this critical area? With Gantner's solutions, you can not only keep an eye on this, but also grant or deny access rights to staff and visitors in real time! With management software, you can manage visitor flow and control who has access to what and when. Lost media can be blocked in seconds and easily reissued.

For added security, solutions can include biometric verification or PIN codes. Security is an essential aspect - the award-winning GANTNER solutions ensure that you can implement this aspect effortlessly.

Comprehensive Management: Access Control and Time Recording

 In order to choose the right security systems for clinics, doctors' surgeries or medical care centers, healthcare facilities should identify the areas in which a healthcare access control solution is required. For example, appropriate electronic access control systems and smart locker locking systems should be integrated into the clinic. Those responsible identify people who should have access to certain departments and rooms. By means of individual authorizations, staff can use RFID data carriers, for example in the form of employee ID cards, to open the relevant doors, gates and locks or even operate lifts. Not everyone has to be authorized to leave the lift on every floor. As a clinic, you manage access authorizations and can restrict this to a specific time window, e.g. access to public areas during visiting hours.

Time recording in the healthcare sector is subject to clear regulations. Particularly in hospitals where collective wage agreements for the public sector, the federal states or for doctors apply, there are legal regulations on duty scheduling and collective time recording in hospitals. For many healthcare facilities, this means a great deal of organizational effort, which can be simplified and optimized using digital time recording.

Existing RFID employee ID cards or badges can be easily integrated into a GANTNER access and time recording system. In no time at all, we ensure that even the sophisticated shift models of a hospital can be easily and securely mapped in a GANTNER access system and that time recording can also be integrated. This allows managers to control staff scheduling using Healthcare Access Control and digital time recording in the hospital and assign appropriate access to offices, laboratories and wards.

Healthcare access control not only means more security for hospital staff and patients, but also more convenience for people in the facility. Hospital access control systems can be cleverly and easily combined with

  • Time and attendance for healthcare staff
  • Intelligent point-of-sale systems, including cashless payment in the cafeteria and at RFID-enabled vending machines
  • Electronic locker locking systems for administrative office lockers, staff rooms and patient valuables, medications and more
  • End-of-trip facilities for healthcare workers

Provide patients, visitors, physicians, nurses, administrative staff and outside vendors with a safe, secure and comfortable hospital experience!

Benefit from optimized processes in duty scheduling and everyday hospital procedures.

Contact us directly to find the ideal healthcare access control solution for your healthcare facility.

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