Ski Lockers: Smart locker locking systems and depot solutions for winter sports.

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Our electronic locking systems for ski depots provide secure storage for all ski equipment for ski rental shops, hotels, ski resorts, and other businesses. With a locking system from Gantner, your customers can safely and easily store their gear around the clock without relying on staff. Contact us for more information or a quote on our ski depot locking systems. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ski storage solutions for individual or family lockers

Guests in ski hotels and areas desire a relaxed yet sporty time on the slopes. Often, people choose a specific ski region for their vacation based on the amenities at the base station, rental facilities, or hotel. Vacationers want to make the most out of their leisure time. Therefore, ski and snowboard equipment should be ready for pickup in the morning, ensuring they don't miss a minute in the mountains and can start skiing or boarding right away. Families require ample space and appreciate not having to store equipment in their cars or lug it through the entire village to their accommodation. Guests prioritize comfort, service, and security for their equipment.

Solutions for ski lockers from Gantner provide exactly that! They offer a convenient and secure way to store ski and snowboard equipment, making the ski vacation overall more enjoyable and stress-free.

The ski pass serves as your key for the locker cabinets or locking systems.

The system solution for ski lockers is extremely convenient: simply hold the ski pass or hotel room chip card to the card reader – and the designated ski locker can be used. No additional keys are necessary. Each lock can be assigned according to the individual needs of the users, ensuring that everyone finds the suitable locker – whether it's for an individual or a family with multiple users. Assignment also depends on the equipment stored or booked.

A Gantner ski depot solution ensures that your guests can enjoy even more comfort. Thanks to open interfaces, integration with your hotel management software is effortless. The need for additional complex key management is completely eliminated, as well as the extra effort for security checks. You reduce administrative costs and have more capacity to focus entirely on the well-being of your guests. Lost guest or hotel cards can be blocked in seconds, and new cards with the same coding can be issued easily.

Arriving at the base station in the afternoon or evening after a long and action-packed day, securely and dryly storing the skis or board, and then comfortably starting the après-ski: This is the wish of many ski enthusiasts on vacation, which, in addition to increased service and comfort for guests, also offers advantages for you!

There are numerous possibilities for ski depots when rental shops include them in their offerings:

Increased revenue: In addition to equipment, as a ski rental shop or hotel, you can generate additional profit by renting out ski depots. This also appeals to vacationers who bring their own equipment. Cross-selling opportunities: When guests pick up or return their equipment, including shoes and poles, at the ski depot, you have the opportunity to offer other products or services. For example, offer ski servicing or accessory sales. Collaborations with accommodations: Ski and snowboard rental shops can collaborate with hotels and accommodations to grant their guests access to the ski depots. This can be a beneficial situation for both parties and further strengthen customer loyalty.

With Gantner's smart ski depot solutions, you always have your depots in view: you control how long each locker can be used. Through additional access control systems, you determine who has access to the depot and when. In case of lost data carriers, all rights can be revoked with just a few clicks, ensuring the protection of the ski equipment.

Experience for yourself the solutions for ski depots from Gantner and arrange an initial, non-binding consultation. Our representatives will be happy to advise you individually on your requirements.

Your hotel room key, season pass, or day pass is the smart key for the ski depot.

No additional administrative effort with conventional keys. At the same time, you save time and resources while offering more convenience for your guests.

Audible and visual alarm functions on the locker and through notifications in the locker management software.

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