Gantner’s Commitment to Sustainablity


Our Dedication to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance 

Gantner as part of the SALTO WECOSYSTEM is guided by social responsibility and governed by ethical and legal requirements. We understand that we are just one part of a much broader framework. This awareness drives us to establish sustainability guidelines and principles that reinforce our commitment to the value that life matters most.  

We support this position by being socially, environmentally, and economically responsible, especially concerning global sustainability and our operating environment. This responsibility goes beyond corporate goals, and we are committed to activities that show our dedication to a circular economy. 

Sustainable Development Goals

Contributing to the SDGs

Gantner has undertaken a profound transformation towards an increasingly sustainable model to address our environmental and social impacts, as well as the main challenges faced by the contactless RFID technology market today. By proactively responding to social issues, Gantner contributes to the achievement of specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our responsible corporate policies.
In September 2015, all 193 U.N. member states adopted the 17 SDGs, setting a global agenda for overcoming poverty, protecting the planet, and promoting peace and prosperity. Gantner and the entire SALTO WECOSYSTEM are actively contributing to these goals, especially those related to environmental sustainability, such as climate change, sustainable operations, responsible consumption, and product eco-design. We take this very seriously and have achieved ISO 14001 certification and have become carbon neutral through the implementation of various environmental guidelines.   

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility requires us to be thoughtful about the impact of our business practices and policies. We believe that the way we work, the technology we develop, and the solutions we provide help contribute to many of the U.N. SDGs – from our company practices to our commitment to moving towards a circular economy. 


Gantner is committed to adhering to the ten globally recognized principles of the Global Compact. These principles encompass human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption efforts. By upholding these principles, we support the United Nations' sustainability goals.

Gantner has been an environmentally certified company for more than 13 years. Our products and services are designed to be sustainable and resource-efficient, thus making a fundamental contribution to climate protection and the preservation of our environment for mankind. Gantner's commitment to company-wide carbon neutrality means consistent action that transcends national boundaries.

Georg Seidlich, COO

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance 

Innovating to Meet Social and Environmental Challenges 

Gantner has implemented a range of environmental guidelines to minimize the impact of our business and manufacturing operations on the environment. We adopt practices that minimize our carbon footprint, consume energy responsibly, reduce waste, and maximize resource usage and sustainability. 

We focus on areas where we can make the biggest difference, aiming to lower carbon emissions, conserve energy and water, and increase recycling in all our operations. 

Enriching Communities and Inspiring People 

At Gantner, we believe in building a brighter future by supporting communities worldwide. We're dedicated to enhancing lives and fostering strong communities. That's why we're actively involved in sports initiatives, locally and through the SALTO WECOSYSTEM Foundation, that bring people together and promote well-being. Through sports programs, we aim to inspire and uplift individuals, giving them the opportunity to thrive and create a better tomorrow. 

We have strong values that emphasize the importance of the people in our organization and our responsibility to our customers and society at large. While achieving good results is important to us, we also care about how we achieve those results. As a result, we strive to establish robust internal governance structures that promote transparency and uphold integrity in all our endeavors. 

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