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Campus card for student lockers, access control and cashless payment systems


Campus card for student lockers, access control and cashless payment systems

  • Secure storage for personal belongings
  • Increased security - only authorized students or personnel can access
  • Student ID card enables cashless payments at vending machines or in cafeterias
Today’s universities, libraries, and schools face a growing need to provide students with safe and convenient locker storage, as more people choose to carry around expensive possessions like laptops, tablets and cameras.


A GANTNER electronic locking system is the ideal way to tackle large-scale locker installations at public facilities, ensuring hassle-free management for the authorities, and ease of use for students and visitors.


From a central system, administrators can change configurations, assign lockers to different people, view detailed usage data, and see in real-time which lockers are in use – knowledge that will allow them to serve students better as each semester goes by.


The locker system allows students and staff to open their lockers by simply swiping their contactless student card or ID

Authorisations can be centrally managed by the locker management software

The system allows their students to store their laptops and valuables safely.

GANTNER’s smart electronic locking systems eliminate the many challenges associated with large-scale locker management such as lost keys, jammed locks, having to reset combinations and deal with theft of valuables.

Students can reserve their personal locker via an online portal. The locker number and a unique number of the student’s ID card are then linked and stored in a localised database, ensuring that only the card with the assigned locker number can open that locker.

Students simply present their ID directly to the lock’s reader field to open and securely close lockers, eliminating the need to wait in line at a central kiosk or terminal.

Institutions can provide even greater security by installing a networked alarm, especially for those lockers located in quieter locations.

The same student ID/locker card can be configured to work with student accommodation entry if there is a GANTNER access control system installed.

Contactless cards, fobs, or wristbands can also be used as pre-paid cash cards for convenient use in student cafes and vending areas, as well as for the payment of library fines.

Electronic locking systems for large-scale locker installations

Security for universities' access

Student badges, ID cards, or other credentials can be used to access GANTNER's secure lock system for universities. Suitable for student library lockers and sports lockers. Can also be used for cashless payments in the student cafe.

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