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How to improve operations in a locker room?

Our state-of-the-art electronic locking systems are far more reliable and durable than mechanical locks. Firstly, they reduce or even eliminate theft or attempted theft as the locks are not visible and are highly secure. Secondly they take away the maintenance costs associated with lost keys, broken physical locks and all the time spent managing the lockers. Thirdly, they put operators in full control of locker usage by enabling them to manage their changing area through our locker management software at the front desk.

GANTNER’s RFID/NFC solutions are among the best in the world. Only one single credential (a smart card, wristband or key fob that can be branded) is required to access your facility, lockers and all the areas of your site set up for RFID cashless payments.

Easy Management: Smart credentials, in contrast to mechanical keys, offer a range of benefits. If a member loses their credential, it can be quickly cancelled and easily replaced at little cost.

If a member/employee forgets their locker number, an information terminal can display that number, without requiring any assistance or time from staff.

Dealing with lost keys, forgotten pins, theft, and members claiming lockers for long periods of time. In response to these operational hurdles, more and more facility operators are choosing to invest in intelligent locker systems.

These NFC, or Near Field Communication, electronic locking systems use the latest contactless technologies to deliver both improved operations and member experience. RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification technology—the basis for NFC— has been in use for multiple decades to create improved locker management solutions across multiple industries, including water parks, logistics, universities, hospitals, and more.

An electronic locking system uses a credential, containing an embedded electronic chip that can store information and communicate with other devices via radio wave transmission. Credentials come in the form of a membership card, wristband, key fob, or even NFC-enabled mobile phone, and can be used not only as a locker key, but also as a medium for access, payment, and identification.


Our systems can be integrated with additional RFID/NFC applications, such as access control or cashless payment, to create a system solution, whereby clubs can require a member to check-in before using lockers. Not only does an integrated system solution encourage member check-in, but allows members to conveniently check-in, use a locker or networked fitness equipment, and make payments all with one membership credential. No need for cash or cards.

Yes we can customise the open and close function to your specific requirements. GANTNER’s electronic locks offer several different modes, including:

  • The lock is opened with a push/close function
  • The lock is closed and you open it with the credential (also push to open possibility)
  • Pull-open and auto-close

GANTNER offers two different locker modes

shared use

The shared locker mode is used for daily used lockers for one person. The user chooses an available locker and operates it with a credential like a membership card, ID or employee card. Once the locker is vacated, it becomes available for a different user.

assigned use

The assigned locker mode is used for lockers which are for personal or rental use. The user is assigned a locker and operates it with the assigned credential.

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