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Secure locker systems for offices with flexible workspaces.

What is a flexible workspace without flexible storage space?

  • Use of pre-existing employee-ID cards as locker keys and for access control.
  • Eliminated costs associated with forgotten pins, lost keys, and time spent managing locker resources.
  • A reduction in the number of required lockers.

Locker lock solutions for your storage.

Complete control and oversight of their locker system.


In today’s modern office, smart storage plays an essential role. Employees need smart and easy-to-use lockers, while locker system managers require a flexible and easy-to-manage solution. Valued across the globe by clients large and small, GANTNER’s electronic locking systems use pre-existing staff ID cards as locker keys and we are the market’s proven most powerful solution to comprehensively and securely manage various storage systems – staff lockers, office furniture, mail boxes, bike storage, safe boxes and more.


Together with your preferred locker manufacturer you have the choice to select your design then add our smart locker system to ensure you achieve convenient, efficient and secure storage.

More companies are building end-of-trip facilities for employees

Your benefits with a locker system in your office

Easy to retrofit and expanding the system.

ID is the key for the lockers, access, cashless payment.

Employees can request storage space everywhere and at all times.


Use pre-existing staff-id cards as locker keys.


No more lost keys or complicated key admGain the ability to limit employees to one locker. inistration for employers to deal with.


Operators can enjoy the time freedom that comes from installing a maintenance-free GANTNER electronic locking system


Easily determine how lockers are used.


Plan for additional lockers, by turning business data into actionable business intelligence.


Eliminate the cost of multiple cards or mechanical keys.


Assign usage rights with a few mouse clicks.


Secure company and employee belongings with an alarmed system.


Quickly find available lockers thanks to a clear status display.

Keyless access for smart lockers Keyless access for smart lockers

I have 500 employees and space for 100 lockers, how can I solve this?

Locker management made easy.

  • Complete management and control of secure lockers
  • 24/7 access for convenient parcel pick-up
  • Save space and costs.
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How much time do you spend for your key management?

Reasons why customers choose GANTNER

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    Lockers will be required for the future of agile workspaces

    Saving costs with an electronic locking system.

    • Store secure data or material in the personal locker
    • Create different tiers of locker rentals for full-time, part-time and temporary staff
    • Choose different locker modes.
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    Locking solutions for lockers, either at a local, national or global level.

    Flexible, reliable and secure electronic locking solutions for lockers, either at a local, national or global level.
    Whether you’re a large-scale global organisation or a single-site business, solve all your security and office management requirements with a robust, integrated system solution from GANTNER.

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      Additional possibilities with the credential

      Use a single credential (existing staff ID card, key fob or smartphone app) for each employee along with secure readers to enable access to office space or paying cashless at vending machines or in restaurants.

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      Cashless payments made easy

      Make it easy for your customers or employees to spend money at your site with GANTNER’s contactless technology solutions. A cashless system can bring significant benefits and a seamless customer experience to any site.

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        Store secure data or material in the personal locker

        The number of lockers can be reduced by up to 50% when opting for electronic lockers with the GANTNER locker system.

        • Employee or staff lockers
        • Smart Lockers for rental services or delivery lockers
        • Lockers for End-of-Trip Facilities
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