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Access control at a glance

Organise Operations. Control Processes

The well organised and controlled access to company sites, offices and facilities provides safety and enhances the trust staff, customer and suppliers put in you. GANTNER access control systems make sure that you get exactly the one solution that is ideal for you. Keys are a memory of the past, nobody wants to bother with them any longer. Staff IDs, chips or personal fingerprints are an easily managed, tamper proof replacement.

  • Full transparency and traceability by logging all processes. GANTNER systems can be expanded anytime and offer investment security thanks to on-going updating options.
  • Even existing doors can easily be integrated into the system – retrofitting existing doors without cabling anytime.
  • Individual solutions for varying safety and user requirements.
  • Together with Advancis, our technology partner for security and building management system, we offer customers a integrated system of authorization management and data analysis in combination with remote door control and alarm handling.

Premises Entrance and Exit

Smart barrier controls for underground garages and car parks increase security on the company premises.

Main Entrance

Locked automatically under time control, access outside the general opening hours is possible only with authorisation.

Interior Doors Online Access

Networked access readers with electronic locking authorisations are a guarantee of particularly easy organisation.

Interior Doors Offline Access

Electronic cylinders and armatures without network connection can be retrofitted with ease.

Interior Doors Wireless Cylinder

Electronic wireless cylinders or armatures make it possible to modify authorisations centrally without cabling and to analyse bookings.

Emergency Exit Door Control

Emergency exit doors included in access control systems can be opened without triggering an alarm, if authorisation is available.

Personal Air Lock with Card and Biometrics

Singularisation of individuals and multiple identification ensure the greatest degree of security.

Suppliers’ Entrance

Special control modules also monitor doors that are not equipped with an access reader.

Reception Security

Turnstiles and speed gates are an optically attractive solution for securing reception areas. Visitors wait to be let in, staff members have free access.