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The resource efficient time recording terminal

GAT p.time 380/390 EVO PoE

At GANTNER innovations, green IT and sustainability play a major role. One example is the state-of-the-art GAT p.time staff time recording terminal. The large, high-contrast color screen displays a range of information (“clock in”, “clock out”, reasons for absence, etc.) in various languages in a user-friendly manner. It is operated via touchscreen. The user is identified via their RFID chip.


It can also be fitted with an additional biometric reader (employee ID card, key fob, fingerprint). To reduce energy consumption and thereby save on resources over the long term, GAT p.time terminals can enter power-save mode when they meet the customer’s specifications (e.g. if the terminal has not been used for over 15 minutes or at night).


It is also possible to link PCs to the time recording terminals. This means that the employee’s PC boots automatically when they clock in. This function ensures that employees actually switch off their PCs at the end of their shift and save energy – in the morning they do not have to wait for their computer to start up. At GANTNER, protection of the environment and the reduction of energy consumption are key issues for the future, and this focus is reflected in all of our products.

  • Easy installation and Plug&Play mounting
  • Power supply via PoE possible (with PoE device type)
  • Contactless reading unit for LECIG® Prime and LEGIC® Advant • Reading the unique number of MIFARETM Standard, ISO 14443A
  • 5.7“ colour touch screen

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