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Access control for commercial and public facilities.

Organising a company means ensuring the necessary safety, controlling processes optimally and offering the highest possible level of convenience coupled with maximum efficiency. GANTNER supports you in organising your company in such a way – with a fully integrated system solution customized to match your needs.

  • Control access to highly secured areas and buildings.
  • Connecting different locations to one system.
  • Easy integration with 3rd party software for security visualization.

Everything with a single card

Access control solution in an overview.


From timed or 24-hour door access control systems to access solutions that require biometric verification, GANTNER’s access technology guarantees you the high security and valuable business data you need. Our systems integrate with the world’s largest software companies.


The well organised and controlled access to company sites, offices and facilities provides safety and enhances the trust staff, customer and suppliers put in you.GANTNER access control systems make sure that you get exactly the one solution that is ideal for you. Keys are a memory of the past, nobody wants to bother with them any longer. Staff IDs, chips or personal fingerprints are an easily managed, tamper proof replacement.


Advantages of GANTNER access systems


Knowledge and control of who is in your facility, when and where, at all times of the day. Restrict entry or exit access points, and set up your venue to allow or deny admission to designated areas of your facility


view messages and advisories in real time at access control points and quickly confirm the identity of pass-holders or members


Eliminate card and membership pass sharing for good by upgrading to biometric fingerprint credentials and access terminals


Give your customers the gift of convenience, by offering a single NFC credential (card, wristband, or key fob) that they can use for everything once inside – access gates, lockers, vending, food and beverage areas


For larger sites, our quick and efficient access control solutions will result in reduced queues and the need for fewer staff members at the gate. Free up more time for staff to spend valuable time on customer service


Reduce your staff and administration demands due to the increased efficiencies of our automated systems

Remote door locking solutions

Who can benefit from Access Control Systems

Commercial buildings and offices –

take the headache out of managing staff and public security by installing a GANTNER access control. Implement automated check-in and check-out facilities so you can monitor employees’ activity levels in a safe and unobtrusive way, while blocking unwanted visitors from your facility

Libraries and educational establishments –

add an extra layer of security to access with our NFC credentials which work with third party turnstiles. Prevent thefts and keep students and the public safe in areas where there is high traffic throughput

Hospitals –

staff and patient safety are of the utmost importance. Implement access stations at main gates a well as within departments and sensitive medical areas so that access and visitor flow is fully tracked and assessed

GANTNER key fob reader
Smart contactless solutions
Remote door locking solutions
Create high security zones within hospitals


Software GAT Matrix

GAT Matrix is a software solution for the administration of access credentials within the GAT ...

Learn more

GAT Mobile Access Management

Mobile solutions for secure and convenient access and alarm management

Learn more

Door controller GAT DC 7200

Door controller for access control readers.

Learn more

Access control reader GAT SR 7380

Access control reader with unique design.

Learn more

Access control reader with keypad GAT SR 7310 / 7315 / 7317

Access control reader equipped with a PIN code keypad.

Learn more

Access control reader with sleek design GAT SR 7340 / 7345

Access control reader designed for a flush-mounted installation.

Learn more

Access control reader with sleek design GAT SR 7347 / 7357

Designed for a flush-mounted installation, the sleek and elegant access control reader.

Learn more
Smart contactless solutions

Access Control Reader with Sleek Design GAT SR 7350 / 7355

Access control reader designed for a flush-mounted installation,

Learn more

Access control reader in ergonomic, slim design GAT SLR 73xx

Access control reader in ergonomic, slim design .

Learn more

Door Controller Interface with Reader Connectivity GAT SR 7000 Wiegand

Interface module that enables communication between door controller and external readers.

Learn more

Electronic locking cylinder GAT DL 32x

The digital locking cylinders for doors.

Learn more

Electronic door handle GAT DL 340, 341, 342

Electronic door handle in modern stainless steel for office doors etc.

Learn more

WiNET Access Point GAT DL 091

WiNET Access Point connects the access controller to the battery-powered door cylinders.

Learn more

Electronic chipcards RFID GAT Chipcard 200/210

Contactless chipcards instead of keys for electronic locking or access control systems.

Learn more

Key fob GAT Keytag 7xxx with RFID

Contactless key fobs are most popular in buildings with pure access control applications.

Learn more

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Access Control for Commercial and Public Facilities

Schools, libraries, offices and hospitals can benefit from GANTNER's secure access control systems

Security is key for all public buildings and large commercial sites. GANTNER’s access control systems use contactless technology which work with NFC / RFID cards, key fobs or staff ID cards to ensure safe and efficient check-in and check-out of large organisations.