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Smart Parcel Lockers by GANTNER: Storage and Logistics Solutions with a Central Terminal

GANTNER locker systems with GAT SMART.Locks are the ideal solution for the simple and efficient organization of logistical processes. They provide convenient services such as delivery, secure storage and pick-up of parcels or equipment at a central location – for example in form of a company-internal smart parcel locker or a ski depot locker.

Smart Logistics Hub - Storage Solutions for Companies

Especially in companies, the number of parcels is constantly increasing and the associated in-house logistics are becoming more and more challenging. Especially the delivery of parcels in modern office organizations with flexible, hybrid work concepts, where employees partly work in home offices and no longer have fixed assigned workstations, is becoming increasingly complex. Likewise, the issue of various work equipment, such as IT equipment, becomes enormously more difficult under these conditions. With an in-house smart parcel locker system such as the Smart Logistic Hub from GANTNER, you can ensure and control the secure delivery and storage of parcels in your company or office premises.

Benefit from the following advantages when you buy a smart locker with a central terminal for packages, letters or other equipment:

  • Secure deposit in a central location such as compartments with different heights and widths for different box sizes and formats.
  • Simple and clear handling for employees during package delivery and collection through automated e-mail notifications including individual PIN codes.
  • Control of internal processes when forwarding documents or prototypes by means of the smart system

🛡️ Secure Deposit – Automated Notification Process for Your Package Management

Our storage systems such as our smart parcel lockers offer a secure, convenient, and easy-to-manage solution for the delivery of parcels or internal IT equipment. They ensure that parcels are deposited securely and that employees can receive their shipments at any time and in a traceable manner. The notification and tracking process is automated, and the addressees can collect their parcel boxes from the corresponding compartment of the system at any time. Delivery processing, including proof of receipt, is thus outsourced, which means an enormous relief for companies. Improve and ease the package management within your company with smart package lockers by GANTNER!

📦 Simple Operation of the RFID Storage Lockers

Notification of package recipients is automated and convenient due to contact via e-mail. The smart parcel locker can be opened 24/7 using a personal PIN code, which means an enormous increase in service for employees. From GANTNER for modern companies: Smart logistics solutions with RFID technology ensure that the delivery of, for example, private parcels and letters requires little effort on the part of the employer and is therefore possible at any time.

💻 Control of Internal Processes

Especially in large companies, the secure transfer and storage of sensitive documents or prototypes is an essential task. Several people need access at any time, but this must be protected from unauthorized persons. With an intelligent logistics solution from GANTNER in the form of a networked parcel station with a central terminal, you can ensure that only specified persons have access to the documents and that all accesses and receipts are precisely logged. In this way, you structure, ease, and automate processes and also create an additional system of order.

The Advantages of Smart Package Locker Solutions by GANTNER

The locks can either be used as components for customer-specific solutions or, in the form of our Smart Logistic Hub, be the overall solution for internal company logistics. Thereby the following points are convincing when you buy and use a smart locks system as packing station!


The electronically secured smart parcel lockers are accessible 24 hours a day.


The lockers of the parcel stations are bound to a specific person for a certain period of time.


User identification and control of the storage lockers are achieved via a central terminal.


Made to withstand strong forces from the outside as well as extreme weather conditions. The locks are very secure and resists any form of vandalism.


Suitable for numerous storage occasions such ski depots, interal packing stations or parcel lockers for logistics companies.


The simple integration of hardware and software components from our partner companies makes it easy to incorporate a wide variety of technologies and solutions.

Central and Smart Locker for Packages and Ski Depot Lockers

Many companies offer central terminals for parcel stations or other depot lockers. However, it is important to make sure that these solutions actually meet your needs. We can help you find the right security system for you, your shipments, merchandise or customers’ sports equipment.

You want to combine Barcode and RFID Technologies for Your Depot Locker?

You need a solution for your locker or depot system where barcode authorizations can be read in the same way as RFID data credentials? For example, in order to cater equally for daily guests and season ticket holders? GANTNER offers you both. You can integrate our contactless solutions, with a central reader, into any type of locker. Combine the modern RFID technology with classic barcodes to provide high security and the best experiences for your guests.

Efficient delivery and pick up is possible
The centralised control panel is highly secure and uses RFID technology

Best Experience for Your Customers

Ski equipment and other bulky sports equipment: Wouldn’t it be great if these could be deposited safely and conveniently without having to depend on opening hours and staff? With smart locker locking systems from GANTNER, you define how long the locker or depot space can be used and ensure that no one has to stand in line anywhere to deposit their belongings. An electronic credential such as a chip card or smartphone ensures that a free locker can be used. With our electronic locks, your lockers are used efficiently and the deposit boxes are only occupied when they are actually in use. You save space as well as money, ensure more convenience for your customers and score a great experience with even more service.

Do you have questions or want to learn how the smart package lockers fit into your custom parcel management? Contact us and request a call – we’re more than happy to help!

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Customized Solutions for Logistical Applications

How does the Locking System work?
The GAT SMART.Lock locking system is ideally suited for integration into locker or depot systems of logistics companies, parcel delivery companies and providers of depot solutions. To open a locker, the user is identitfied at a central terminal by presenting their credential, a PIN or QR code. The door of the smart parcel locker, ski depot or deposit box opens automatically via a networked electronic signal to the lock. The locker is closed by simply pressing the locker door shut.

Locker Management Software
The smart locker systems are controlled by a powerful management software of the eLoxx Suite. This can be used with a wide variety of technologies, hardware and software components and is ideally suited to be integrated into third-party logistics solutions.

More details

Ski Depot
Lockers are linked to a centralised system
Smart lockers are high security spaces
Compartments come in a variety of sizes

NEW: Download our latest brochure with a detailed product overview of our smart locker systems.

Would you like to explore further information about GANTNER smart locker systems? If so, we invite you to download our latest brochure with a detailed product overview.

Brochure Product Overview Locker Systems
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More than a Packing Station: Our Versatile and Modular Solutions

With our solutions for internal parcel reception as well as for the secure storage of goods or equipment in depot lockers, you increase the comfort and service for employees, guests as well as customers! Central locking systems have revolutionized the way we store and hand over our packages and other goods. Being able to pick up a parcel regardless of opening hours? Collection and delivery have never been so convenient. No problem with total solutions from GANTNER!

With many years of experience in providing technology to some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world, GANTNER offers reliable, secure and sustainable solutions for in-house parcel stations, other electronic smart locker systems such as networked and battery operated locks – always with the aim of meeting the individual needs of our customers.

Interested? Contact us and learn more about our electronic access and smart locker solutions – custom combined for your company!