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The Cutting-Edge Electronic Smart Locks for all Lockers and Cabinets

An electronic lock is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to streamline their customer journey, enhance security and profit from the long life span of sophisticated lockers. GANTNER electronic locks are efficient, durable, and safe. They can be incorporated into any locker system you might want to install in your facility. Discover our electronic lock solutions, specifically tailored to your needs!

Enhanced locker security

Simple, stylish and always secure

Are old lockers giving you grieve? Do you have cabinet locks that won’t close or a system that keeps you from properly managing your locker room traffic flows? A GANTNER electronic lock will give you the power to change all of that and more.

Easily Manage your Locker Rooms

From battery-powered to networked smart locks, GANTNER is sure to have a suitable solution for numerous applications. After decades of intensive research and development, we can guarantee a secure, reliable, and future-proof electronic lock system.

Connected lockers or battery-operated lockers: All our electronic locking systems for lockers give operators complete control over their changing rooms and office lockers while offering ease of use for customers. It is simpler than ever to gain control of your locker rooms!

Smarte Schrankschließsysteme in flexiblen Arbeitswelten

RFID Lock with Smartphone Access or Keypad? It’s Your Choice!

Whether you want to use RFID or NFC tokens, locks with pin pads or smartphone operated locks – GANTNER has the electronic lock for you. Our locks can effortlessly be combined with existing cards, wristbands and more. Are you installing new lockers or keeping your existing fittings? Our electronic locking systems can be installed in any locker, cabinet or door. We keep your employees, customers and belongings safe from unauthorized access. We install cabinet locks and door locks according to your needs and preferences. You have full control over access levels and time of use. Need any extras? We can readily equip your electronic locks with a central control terminal or power outlets for electronic devices.

Benefit from the many features a GANTNER electronic lock can provide for your security and for the comfort of your customers or employees. Choose from any combination of the following:

  • Battery powered or networked locks
  • Central control terminal
  • RFID lock, NFC security token, pin pad, WI-FI connected smartphone or key
  • Cards, wristbands or credentials
  • access time and attendance control

Whatever you choose: The GANTNER electronic lock always provides hassle-free, smart security to your exacting specifications.

Why an electronic locking system for my lockers?


Your customers’ valuables and belongings are safe and secure with a GANTNER locker.


Choose from a networked solution for impressive functionality or a reliable battery-powered option depending on your scale and budget.


GANTNER lockers deliver an excellent user experience every time, so your customers will love them.


Multiple locker modes provide the flexibility to make all lockers available or to individually assign or rent lockers for a defined time period.


No PIN numbers for customers to remember, no mechanical keys to lose or break, or padlocks to carry around or leave at home. Both users and operators benefit from reliable simplicity.


For openings and closings, an audible user feedback is provided. Each locking system provides a clear status display, showing which lockers are available and which are in-use.


All GANTNER locking systems operate with NFC-enabled phones, cards, and wristbands and are built to work with and leverage international standards based technologies


GANTNER lockers deliver an excellent user experience every time, so your customers will love them.

Learn More about the GANTNER Electronic Lock and its Many Applications

The GANTNER electronic locking technology has many applications. Learn more to make strong, informed dicisions about your locker management.

Why Choose an RFID Lock?

RFID, or radio frequency identification, allows for convenient, contactless identification of a so-called tag by a reader. If you are using a passive tag, the electronic current from the reader powers the tag, when the two get in close contact. This way the reader can authenticate the tag automatically. An active tag, on the other hand, has its own source of power. It can be used at a range of up to ten meters or 33 feet. Opening cabinet locks is made safe and simple with an RFID card. Because RFID tags are very small, they can be built into any casing that is convenient to you – be it an employee card, a wristband for costumers or a key fob. You have full control over how your electronic lockers can be used:

  • Personal lockers only open with specific identification
  • Communal lockers close for anyone with the needed authentication, but only open for the specific tag that closed the lock
  • Time restricted locking opens lockers after hours so forgotten contents don’t block others from using your facilities

In contrast to padlocks or door locks with keys RFID locks don’t jam after long use. Even if the casing gets dirty the RFID lock will still perform without fail. GANTNER electronic locks are built to last: However long you use your lockers, the RFID lock and card or token for each locker will do its job of keeping belongings safe.

Why Choose an NFC Lock?

NFC, or near field communication, is a part of RFID technology. Whereas in RFID the reader only takes information from the tag, NFC enables both devices to communicate. The tag itself can also write and store information. This is especially useful when you want to combine your electronic lock system with a POS system or time recording system. With NFC you can open up new areas of monetization:

  • Locker rental with exact time recording
  • Cashless payment at vending machines or snack stations
  • Self-service at shower facilities, sunbeds or corporate health facilities
  • Booking conference rooms or borrowing books can be as easy as clicking a button on your website

The user information is stored on the specific NFC tag. GANTNER also provides the smart locker software to smoothly link your online services with your electronic lock, cashless payment or time management solution. You can efficiently grant different access levels to visitors, employees, students or maintenance staff.

Locking Solutions at a Glance

Our cabinet locks can be installed on any cabinet door material. We install the cabinet lock on the inside of your wooden, plastic, MDF or metal doors. Connecting the installed electronic lock to a secure WI-FI network on users’ smartphones is a breeze. In addition to using a card or token, we can also install a pin pad for your door lock. The possibilities for eletronic locks are endless. Would you like to know more about our products? Then go ahead and browse our selection of high-end electronic locks!

Electronic Locks Improve Operations in a Locker Room

Managing security, customer wellbeing and hygiene in a locker room can be difficult. Learn, how you can take control of your end of journey points and improve costumer and staff satisfaction – with smart locks from GANTNER.

GANTNER: The Electronic Lock that Can Do More

Years of research and quality testing have made our electronic locks for cabinets and door locks into some of the most sought-after products for storage and security. European quality and an innovative, international team are the lock and key to our success. With 3 million installed electronic locks worldwide we are at the forefront of locker security. We provide the future of locking systems to our customers, adjusted to their needs. Whether you want a simple but elegant solution with a battery operated lock or a network connected smart lock solution with all the fittings: GANTNER provides it.

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