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Lockers can be linked to an alarmed network
Upgrade your locker management with patented networked locker systems

Networked Locking Solutions

Our patented networked locking systems offer a powerful option for mid to large size locker installations requiring a comprehensive locker management solution and integration with third party solutions. The keyless lock is equipped with an anti-theft protection and you have the opportunity to see how the lockers are used in real time. With the networked solution you have the opportunity to use in your locker the possibilities of charging your USB appliances or LED lighting.

Why networked?

Cabled Locks for Lockers

We will help you to upgrade from an existing mechanical lock.

Our electronic locking systems are specifically designed to be suitable for installation with all types of lockers. Networked locks offer the highest security with maximum convenience and ease of use.

How does it work?

Our networked (cabled) locker lock is easy to use, easy to manage and operates with different credentials or even pre-existing staff-ID cards. There is also the option of app-based operation of the locks via smartphone. A web-based locker management software offers a real time audit trial, utilization reports and the possibility to assign lockers from mobile devices. The networked lock system is hardwired, does not use batteries and is extremely environment-friendly. It is operated either directly at the locker, at a central terminal, or a combination of the two. It streamlines locker management, reduces operational costs and is the ideal locker lock for fitness club changing rooms or the modern office environment.

More information about the software

Lockers can be linked to an alarmed network



No battery replacements and a keyless lock


Increased security with an integrated, alarmed locker system


See locker usage in real time

New streams of locker income.

RFID/NFC Locker lock solutions.

If you run a large leisure facility or office block, GANTNER’s electronic locking systems enable you think outside the box when it comes to creating additional income streams.

Waterparks, theme parks and attractions

create peak, off-peak and per-hour pricing for lockers, or even a family locker membership for those with annual passes

Health and fitness clubs

designate premium locker areas linked to premium memberships or allow some wardrobe lockers to be rented longer term

Hospitals and offices

create different tiers of locker rentals for full-time, part-time and temporary staff

Student facilities

create term-time and student vacation locker rental options

End-of-Trip facilities

for city locations, extend locker rentals to surrounding companies and employees to bring greater revenues

GANTNER's invisible locks do not detract from the locker design
Universities have a need for secure lockers



Lockers can be locked or opened via smartphone using the LockPal app. With valid authorization, a locker is freely selected, or the personal locker is operated.


All GANTNER locking systems are opened with our NFC-enabled phones, cards, and wristbands which are compatible with many third party credentials.


No PIN numbers for customers to remember, no mechanical keys to lose or break, or padlocks to carry around or leave at home. Both users and operators benefit from reliable simplicity.


In addition to being operated at the locker, it can also be used via a central terminal. Employees choose a locker themselves via the terminal, occupy it permanently, and release it independently when it is no longer needed. No administrative effort.


Electronic locks are not subject to the same wear and tear and breakage potential of mechanical locks, ensuring your investment lasts much longer


Management can add, modify or cancel locker access privileges in seconds if a card has been reported lost or stolen


In the event of forced entry, an alarm is displayed on the network PC. For maximum security, an alarm message can be sent simultaneously via e-mail


When locker space is at a premium, operators can see in real-time which lockers are in use making it possible to direct people to available lockers. Manage all this from the front desk


Via our web interface, operators can easily monitor occupancy and alarm statuses, add new users, make locker reservations, and view locker usage report


Our locker systems are designed to integrate and work effortlessly with third party management software for a unique and complete system solution


Create new revenue potential by designating premium priced lockers, implementing peak and off-peak pricing or pay-per-hour option

Keyless access for smart lockers Lockers can be quickly opened with the swipe of a wristband Wristbands can be custom branded

How to improve operations in a locker room?

Overview of the advantages of an electronic locker system.

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    Lockers will be required for the future of agile workspaces

    Saving costs with an electronic locking system.

    • Store secure data or material in the personal locker
    • Create different tiers of locker rentals for full-time, part-time and temporary staff
    • Choose different locker modes.
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    I don´t have to manage a lot of keys manually

    Regardless of whether you prefer battery-operated locks or wired locks, you can assign lockers to your customers individually or allow them a free choice. We can help you to find the right solution.

      Read more
      Locker management made easy.

      Lockers and changing areas at larger scale full service clubs must be functional and fit for purpose, but still look stylish and welcoming

        Read more
        I have 500 employees and space for 100 lockers, how can I solve this?

        Locker management made easy.

        • Complete management and control of secure lockers
        • 24/7 access for convenient parcel pick-up
        • Save space and costs.
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        Do you still let your visitors on with a bag or are there lockers like at universal?

        If you wish for that waterpark visitors pay for the daily use of the locker and they can retrieve belongings all day, without worry of losing keysor clothes. There are different possibilities with locker modes, customizable to your needs.

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          Student card using at the locking systems

          Our RFID-operated locking systems can be integrated with any existing campus or library card system. Students can operate lockers directly with a simple swipe of their ID cards, while institutions eliminate the need to manage costly and time-consuming physical keys.

            Read more
            Make your life easier with advanced locker and access systems

            Many parks are still euqipped with old mechanical keys that experience escalating maintenance costs.

            • Safer and more convenient park
            • Increase your revenue - waterpark visitors may pay for the use of the locker
            • Access and capacity control
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            Safe & secure with an electronic locker system.

            We want to find a locker system that best suits your needs and budget, which is why our sales will support you to find the perfect solution. You deliver to your members every day, now let us deliver for you.

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              Install networked locks for the highest security and ease of use

              Streamline your locker management with hardwired network locker locks

              Our ISO networked locks offer the highest locker security solution. Our smart cable locks can be retrofitted into any existing locker system and are opened with key fobs, wristbands, club cards or staff ID cards.

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