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Lockers can be linked to an alarmed network
Our Centrally Supplied Keyless Locker Solutions

Centrally Supplied Smart Locks

Offer more security for the personal belongings, documents or other goods of your visitors or employees with modern smart locker systems from GANTNER: Thanks to our networked smart locks and the connection to a locker management software of the eLoxx Suite you can control the lockers and keep an eye on occupancy, alarm and access to the keyless locker systems. At the same time, our centrally supplied locking systems lead to cost savings and ensure less administrative effort!

Why a Networked Solution with Keyless Locker Locks?


With our connected locking systems, we guarantee maximum security combined with maximum convenience. Networked with cables and controllers, our smart locks are intuitive to operate, easy to manage, and work with various data carriers as key substitutes. Unlock the keyless locker systems with built-in RFID/NFC technology using a wristband, key fob, or an existing employee ID card. Operating the GANTNER locks using a smartphone app (iOS and Android) is also possible and easy to use for employees as well as guests.


Lockers can be linked to an alarmed network

The locker system gives you full control over the smart lockers in real-time. It records all actions on your locker – traceable for you at any time – and allows you to control each individual lock as well as assign authorizations wherever they are needed. The system is wired, uses no batteries and is very environmentally friendly. The locker locks can be operated either directly at the locker itself, at a central terminal, or combined. It streamlines the management of your keyless locker system and reduces administrative costs.

Networked smart locker solutions connected to the power grid allow you to extend services to your guests, employees, or students: Use the power supply, for example, to give your visitors access to charging options for phones and other devices. Service and security make our networked smart lockers the best solution for large fitness chains, modern office complexes, or hospitals.

Learn more about the smart locker software





Our smart, keyless locks can be opened and securely locked again via smartphone using the LockPal app (iOS and Android). With valid authorization, a locker is freely selected or the personal locker is operated.


All keyless locker locks from GANTNER work with NFC/RFID chip cards, wristbands or smartphones. Many of our customers' exisiting data carriers can also be used to operate the electronic locker system.


Your customers do not have to remember PIN codes or passwords, cannot lose or break keys, and do not need to bring padlocks from home. Both users and operators benefit from an enormous increase in convenience thanks to our keyless locker locks.


In addition, to being operated directly at the locker, the locking system can also be used via a central terminal. Employees select a locker themselves via the terminal, occupy it permanently and release it again automatically when it is no longer needed – no administrative effort needed.


Networked locks are not subject to the same potential for wear and tear as mechanical locks. You invest once and get a long-lasting solution with smart lockers.


In the event of lost or stolen smart cards, an operator can cancel, change or reassign usage rights for a locker lock within seconds using the locker management software remotly. This keeps valuables and personal items well protected at all times.


In the event of a break-in alarm, the lock on the cabinet immediately sends an alert to the locker management software. For added security, an alert can also be sent automatically via email.


In the event of a break-in alarm, the lock on the cabinet immediately sends an alert to the locker management software. For added security, an alert can also be sent automatically via email.


Online networking allows operators to monitor the availability and alarm status of all smart lockers at any time. It is also possible to assign or reserve lockers to individual users and view user data.


Our unique and convenient locking system can be integrated into third-party or partner management software such as a HR or club management software.


Generate additional revenue through special pricing on different lockers: For example, you could charge a higher rental rate for personal lockers or larger, more comfortable cabinets, as well as during peak periods. Rentals by the hour are also possible.

RFID/NFC-ready Smart Locks:

New Ideas for Additional Sales

Our keyless smart locks can be used for cabinet systems with different sizes and functions, offering ideal use for:

  • Offices and hospitals
  • Wellness and sports facilities
  • Swimming pools, amusement parks
  • University facilities and buildings for students
  • Public lockers (e.g. for commuters)

Are you running a large leisure company or office complex and looking for inspiration for additional sales? That’s exactly where GANTNER’s keyless locker locks can help you.

GAT ECO.Sidelock in Blau
GANTNER's invisible locks do not detract from the locker design
Universities have a need for secure lockers

Large Pools, Theme Parks and other Attractions

Set up different rates inside and outside peak hours and rent out your smart lockers by the hour. For families with annual passes, consider an annual subscription to an electronic locker.

Wellness Facilities and Sports Center

Set up premium lockers for your highly valued premium-members or rent out cabinets of the keyless locker system for a longer period of time.

Hospitals and Offices

For employees who work full-time or part-time, or for staff who are only temporarily employed by you, different rates can be set up for renting one of the cabinets with smart locks. You can also set up rental lockers for visitors.

Student Facilities

Set up different rates for renting networked, smart locker solutions to students during and outside of the semester. Design rates to vary based on locker size and location.

Storage Options for Commuters

In major cities, renting secure storage to neighboring businesses and their commuting employees is a compelling business model.

Keyless access for smart lockers

Further Information about Our Smart Locker Solutions

Learn more about how to secure your companies locker doors with modern, built-in keyless smart locks including a lot of add-on features such as a management software and indivualized credential devices.

Safety and efficiency with solutions from GANTNER

Individual Solutions for Your Needs

The networked locker system with smart locks gives you more flexibility in pricing – including high security standards for storage and comprehensive service options. The system can distinguish different packages for your customers. Both central administration and central terminals, for example at modern, company-internal parcel stations, are available. Thanks to the networking of our GANTNER keyless locker locks, our customers receive a long-lasting and sustainable solution for more security and convenience based on RFID.

Learn more about the keyless smart locks, smart parcel lockers as well as other electronic locks by GANTNER and get to know the benefits for your company. Send us your request and we are more than happy to help you!

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