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Why choosing a smart locking solution?

What are the benefits for employers and employees?

Check out 10 reasons why a smart locking solution is reasonable.

How can a smart locking solution help me?

Make your life easier with a locker lock solutions for your facility.

Opting for battery-operated lockers and a key or coin system could very quickly provide major maintenance headaches for employers with an EoT facility.

Batteries need replacing, locks get jammed and employees lose their keys.

Using a GANTNER automated networked solutions with NFC technology eliminates all these problems. Companies can run all lockers from a central system, designating or restricting locker usage as necessary.

Pre-existing staff ID cards can even be used as locker keys, reducing costs for the employer and providing a seamless transition for the employee in and out of the EoT facility – through entrance security right through to their office and desk.

  • Eliminated costs associated with forgotten pins, lost keys, and time spent managing locker resources
  • Preservation of locker design with an invisible lock
    Complete control and oversight of their locker system
  • Eco-friendliness with battery-free locks
  • A reduction in the number of required lockers
  • Increased security with an alarm
  • Interface with access control and HR softwares
  • Avoided bottleneck challenges
  • Improved employee experience
  • Use of pre-existing employee-ID cards as locker keys
  • Greatly reduced administration costs and time required for management
  • Easy management and designation of lockers, including one locker per employee and instant cancellation when an employee leaves
  • Detailed daily reporting of how lockers are used, leading to better business decisions on the amount of space and lockers required
  • Potential to use pre-existing staff-ID cards as locker keys
  • Knowledge of who opens a locker and when for increased security
  • Integration with access control and HR software for a streamlined solution
  • Contribution to corporate social responsibility by helping to reduce CO2 emissions by discouraging car and public transport use and easing congestion
  • An exceptional user experience of all facilities
  • Fast and easy check in and check out system
  • An incentive for staff to get healthier
  • Knowledge they are playing their part in the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Alarmed lockers and access gates give peace of mind to employees

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