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Alexander Dale Oen Arena

Alexander Dale Oen Arena

Bergen, Norway

For a long time Norway had no single indoor swimming pool where international championships could be held. The construction of the Alexander Dale Oen Arena (ADO Arena) in Bergen overcame this shortcoming. The new arena offers a fantastic 11,356m² of different pools for competitive swimming, diving, high board diving, enjoyment and splashing around.

Public swimming pools with such a large capacity require a technology system that meets the high demand for streamlined processes and security, while at the same time generating a solid return on investment. It quickly became clear that a GANTNER system based on NFC technology was the most suitable way of achieving these aims. Starting from the access control terminals to the electronic locking system for lockers in the changing rooms, to cashless payment, GANTNER’s system covers all aspects of operations for the Alexander Dale Oen Arena. With a customized GANTNER wristband, entrance to the facilities is quick and easy. The admissions processes is automated thanks to GANTNER’s wristband dispensing machine, which allows day guests to purchase their own wristband via a sales kiosk with no need for staff. Used on NFC mobile phones, the innovative GANTNER APP works as an identification tool, allowing poll attendants to check the validity and type of ticket (children, adults, senior citizens, etc.) of guests around the pool.

As visitors leave the Alexander Dale Oen Arena, the process is automated as well. Visitors may return their wristbands to the GANTNER Return machine, which ensures that outstanding payments are settled before leaving the arena, with no personnel involved. From the entrance to exit, the GANTNER NFC system is ensuring that visitors to the Alexander Dale Oen Arena enjoy a preferred experience, while operators can relax in knowing their facility is run by state of the art technology.