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Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

St. Gallen, Switzerland

The Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen is one of the largest hospitals in Switzerland. With three different sites, more than 35 clinics and institutes, and roughly 5,500 staff members, the St. Gallen Hospital is the largest employer in Eastern Switzerland. When plans were made to build new constructions and extensions, hospital staff sought an improved employee locker system.

Together with the renowned office furniture manufacturer, Lista Office, GANTNER organised the locker management in a completely new way. The joint solution consists of a combination of both compact, space-saving and large lockers from Lista Office fitted with a networked locking system from GANTNER.

In order to optimally use available space, the GANTNER locking system is configured so that large lockers are available only for the duration of a work shift, while compact, space-saving lockers can be permanently assigned and serve as personal, staff lockers. If no activity is detected over a long period of time, this is indicated in the Gantner locker management software, allowing hospital staff to take proper action. Additional system features include: a networked alarm, an automatic opening function for cleaning or security purposes, and real-time occupancy monitoring. Thanks to clear user feedback, the system is easy and intuitive to use. Lastly, all lockers operate with existing NFC employee hospital badges, making physical key management a thing of the past.

A student ID card can also serve as a library ID card
High security access and locker storage is essential for hospitals

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