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Rochester Athletic Club

Rochester Athletic Club

Rochester, Minnesota

The Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) in Rochester, Minnesota is a popular place for community residents to get fit and enjoy time with family and friends. In keeping with its commitment to quality in facilities and management, the RAC sought a more secure, easy-to-use locker management system.

After meeting and interviewing all US lock manufacturers, it quickly became clear that GANTNER’s networked locking system for lockers was the right choice. The audible alarm and notification at the front desk met the RAC’s security criterion. Plus, the system fulfilled the mission statement “Member Experience First”, as members conveniently use lockers with their NFC-enabled membership wristbands.

Once the RAC decided to invest in GANTNER’s alarmed locking system, conversations drifted to what other integrations existed that would maximize the RAC’s investment in a new locker system. GANTNER’s additional solutions for access, check-in, and payment afforded just that added value. Today members conveniently check-in with their membership wristbands at three newly installed GANTNER terminals. Using their wristbands, members may also gain access to the pool and make club purchases. As renovations complete, the RAC is investigating expanding the use of GANTNER cashless payment hardware by tying in their vending machines and Hydromassage Beds so that members can conveniently use their wristbands with those as well. GANTNER’s complete club management solution, playing a crucial role in enhancing member satisfaction and increasing the security of day-to-day operations at the RAC.

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