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Estonia’s largest telecommunications company was looking for modern, flexible furniture lockers.


Locker Security Solution

Secure yet flexible storage for Estonian telecoms giant

When Estonia’s largest telecommunications company was looking for modern, flexible furniture lockers for its new headquarters in the capital Tallinn, it chose NFC technology leader GANTNER to provide a high tech solution.Telia Eesti AS, which is also one of Europe’s largest telecommunication providers, needed sleek and stylish lockers for its employees, but naturally did not want to compromise on design, security function or convenience.


GANTNER’s GAT NET.Locks provided a solution that was both easy to manage and operate for the company, and highly accessible for their many employees. Now Telia Easti workers can freely select from personal lockers located on several floors of the building, using their company ID cards as a key replacement. Eliminating the need for physical keys greatly reduces locker maintenance time for the company due to lost keys or jammed locks, and gives its employees the convenience of having to only carry one company ID card for all their daily office access needs.


Wardrobe cabinets in the locker areas were secured with electronic, networked GANTNER locks. If an employee ever forgets where they stored their belongings, locker numbers can simply be requested again at GANTNER info-terminals using the worker’s personal ID. Management of the RFID locks is easily controlled via the GAT Relaxx administration software. All locks are alarm-protected and, thanks to the complete enclosure of the lock within the wardrobe, do not impact on the lockers’ modern exterior design.

The GANTNER solution ensures that employees can safely lock their daily documents and personal belongings away without concern, wherever they happen to be working in the building that day. The new locker solution has also enabled the implementation of flexible work spaces, which in turn has helped to create a truly fit-for-purpose office environment for Telia and its employees.

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Keyless access for smart lockers