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RFID wristbands improve the customer experience



Sydney, Australia

Boasting Australia’s largest and best wave pool, many first-in-the world attractions, as well as a visitor experience fully supported by cutting edge NFC technology, it’s safe to say Wet’n’Wild Sydney has raised the bar for the water park industry. At the heart of the guest experience are NFC wristbands. Guests can gain park entry, make purchases, and rent lockers all with one wristband! And they can relax in knowing their belongings are securely locked away in an advanced electronic locker system from GANTNER Technologies.

Before arriving, guests can purchase a locker on the internet and in return have more time for fun! All locks can be securely opened and closed by simply presenting the wristband to the lock’s reader field. Information terminals can display the locker number chosen by the guest, so guests can never forget where they deposited their belongings. GANTNER’s advanced electronic locker systems, guaranteeing Wet’n’Wild Sydney the highest levels of security, convenience, and control.

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Wristband lockers for access
RFID wristbands improve the customer experience
Attractions customers want a seamless journey through the park