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Company Values

Company Policy

Here you find everything about our company policy:

  • Quality Policy and Environmental Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy Statement

Quality Policy

Our corporate philosophy can be divided up into five strategic objectives, with which we demonstrate our capability and competence.

  1. All our activities are characterized by customer orientation. Our vision is to provide our customers and their customers reliable and qualitative products. Decisive for performance is the concrete benefit for the customer (product and service quality, delivery reliability). The partnership-based cooperation characterized by fairness, honesty and openness with our customers is of fundamental importance in order to be able to orientate the company towards the future. We give everything to achieve the highest possible performance and uniqueness, which always makes us a little better than our competitors. We make the demands and problems of our customers our own and strive to recognize and solve them before they are addressed by our customers.
  2. The infrastructure available in the company and well qualified employees form a solid foundation for the implementation of a successful quality policy. The responsibility of the employees and their commitment to the quality of our products are encouraged. The most important concern is the systematic communication of the idea of quality to all areas of the company with the aim of constantly improving our performance, also for the benefit of our customers.
  3. The costs incurred inside and outside the company have a direct bearing on our competitive capability and profit. Commercial best practice is therefore a fundamental requirement for our long-term success on the market. As a fundamental principle, it is economically viable to maintain the prescribed level of quality, whereas lack of quality incurs unnecessary costs.
  4. As a manufacturing company, we are reliant on close contact and collaborative relationships with our suppliers and partners. We nurture this relationship with particular care.
  5. In addition to fulfilling the legal requirements, but also customer requirements, we have taken responsibility for our environment and the safety of our employees. The aim is to combine the greatest possible benefit for customers and employees. The health of our employees is important to us, therefore an optimal occupational health and environmental protection is of great importance.
    We, the Board of Directors and employees, undertake to regard the quality policy and its objectives as a joint quality requirement, and to gear all activities within the company towards the fulfilment of this requirement.

The Management Board
Mag. Elmar Hartmann

Date: 2022-02-09
Version: V 05.10

Download quality policy pdf

Environmental Policy

The safeguarding of our natural environment and the livelihood of future generations, job security and continuous improvement in working conditions are matters of particular concern to GANTNER. Our company is committed to active environmental protection. Employees at all levels are working to achieve a common set of associated objectives. We are convinced that an active environmental policy will help to strengthen our commercial position. Our aim is to minimise the long-term impact of our activities by continuously improving our management system.

Environmental policy objectives

Compliance with environmental legislation is a matter of course for us and is also regularly checked and evaluated. In addition, we are continuously reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and products, from planning to disposal. Raw materials, energy, water and other goods are used in the most economical and targeted ways possible. The environmental awareness of our employees in matters of environmental protection is promoted and encouraged through training and regular provision of information.

We collaborate openly with our contractual partners and the authorities in all environmental matters. In the case of environmentally critical activities and processes which are unavoidable in accordance with the state of the art, emergency plans have been drawn up and the necessary organisational and technical measures have been implemented to avoid accident-related release of materials or energy. Precautions have been taken to ensure that contractual partners working on the company site apply the same environmental criteria as our company.
In the case of new investments, the best available technology is selected in accordance with GANTNER procurement criteria. The efficacy of our environmental policy and environmental management system is continuously guaranteed and is monitored through regular internal and external testing.

Definition of objectives and individual targets

Measurable environment-specific objectives and individual targets are defined and documented and cascaded down to departmental level.
The environmental targets are compatible with the environmental policy and include the obligation to avoid environmental pollution and continuously improve environmental protection within the company.

The Management Board
Mag. Elmar Hartmann

Date: 2022-02-09
Version: V 05.10

Download environmental policy pdf

Information Security Policy

Our information assets are essential for fulfilling our responsibilities and tasks as GANTNER Electronic GmbH. In this context, the definition of information assets includes the data in our company as well as the physical information technology, infrastructure and our employees.
We do not see information security as an obstacle to our business activities but rather as a meaningful support and competitive advantage.
For this reason, we attach great importance to the protection of information (information assets).
We have identified and evaluated these assets together and have derived corresponding measures in guidelines. The current guidelines are available to all employees at all times in the IMS (Integrated Management System) and are valid for all employees.

With our information security policy, we want to

  • ensure the general information security objectives of confidentiality, integrity and availability and, deriving from this, to
  • protect information assets in our company against conscious or unconscious manipulation.
  • ensure the rights of our employees with regard to information security and data protection.
  • ensure the company’s compliance with the legal requirements of information security.
  • process our customers’ data carefully and in a secure environment in order to gain and maintain our customers’ trust.
  • minimize risks for our company and our customers.
  • ensure continued ability to do business.
  • continuously improve our business operations in the context of information security.

We, the management and the employees, undertake to regard the information policy and its objectives as a common aspiration and to align all activities in the company accordingly.

The Management Board
Mag. Elmar Hartmann

Date: 2022-01-21
Version: V 01.00

Information Security Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement


GANTNER´s health and safety policy efforts underline the commitment of the management and employees to preserve and promote the health and safety of all employees, visitors and contractors. It aims to remove or reduce the risks to the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our business operations. The health and safety policy efforts aim to ensure all work activities are done safely. Health prevention measures also play a major role in this context and will be considered.


GANTNER works with external experts in the fields of occupational health and safety to attach the necessary importance to health and safety at work. Regular trainings, monitoring and preventive measures provide a comprehensive framework for the topic. GANTNER’s management, supported by external experts, is responsible for deploying and maintening:

  • a safe working environment
  • safe systems of work
  • the safe condition of works and warehouses for chemical substances
  • facilities for the welfare of all workers
  • any information, instruction, training and supervision needed to make sure that all workers are safe from injury, stress and risks to their health
  • preventive measures for health promotion (e.g. hygiene precautions).

Employees are responsible for:

  • ensuring their own personal health and safety and that of others in the workplace
  • complying with any reasonable directions (such as safe work procedures, wearing personal protective equipment, compliance with hygiene regulations) given by management and officers for health and safety
  • active participation in in-house events on all relevant topics relating to health and job safety

We expect visitors and contractors to:

  • respect our “Safety, emergency and conduct rules” which will be handed over on site
  • follow the instructions of management, officers and qualified personnel

The Management Board
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Georg Seidlich MSc MBA

Date: 2022-02-09
Version: V 02.10

Health and Safety Policy Statement

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