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With our secure, flexible, and innovative locker locking systems, we support companies in realizing modern forms of collaboration: With Gantner's smart locker systems for office lockers, you can successfully implement today's requirements for a modern office concept in a flexible working environment!

  • Suitable for any locker requirement
  • Easy and secure operation with data carriers
  • Reduction of office space and administrative effort

Changing work environments demand modern office concepts

Hybrid working, home offices, and shared workspaces are becoming increasingly important. As modern office concepts establish themselves, new forms of collaboration are needed. In these, employees should feel safe and comfortable. For companies, this means that while expensive office space can be saved, a suitable concept is required in response to these new demands for flexible work environments.

In addition to office lockers, where employees can store their personal items, work equipment, and more, flexible workplaces should also consider changing mobility patterns, conscious health aspects, and increased environmental awareness. The innovative solutions from Gantner in the form of locker locking systems for companies meet the diverse requirements of modern office concepts: from personally assigned lockers for employees to freely selectable visitor lockers and smart locker locking systems for end-of-trip facilities. Ultimately, it is important to attract the best talent with attractive workspaces.

More flexibility and efficiency: Smart lockers for smart offices

Smart locker locking systems for office lockers from Gantner form the basis for new forms of collaboration within smartly organized offices. They enable the implementation of new usage concepts for flexible workspaces, as they create space and provide security. The locker locking solutions are used wherever secure storage options are needed: at workstations, on office floors, in changing rooms, or at reception.

Smart Office: Smart Locking Solutions for Innovative and Forward-Thinking Workspaces

Modern, flexible office concepts with freely selectable desks and opportunities for creative exchange and communication require one thing: secure storage space for work equipment and valuables for your employees. The core of innovative workplace concepts is electronic cabinet systems that provide each employee with a piece of privacy, security, and comfort. In the competition for the best talent, innovative, flexible workspaces, a mix of home office and direct interaction in the office, play a crucial role. The personal cabinet is just as important as cabinets that are shared or available to an entire team. This allows desks to be freely chosen and used by anyone, saving expensive office space, ensuring efficient processes, and meeting the current needs of employees for an attractive, flexible workspace. You also have the option for your employees to choose, use, and release cabinets themselves, with automated night opening for cleaning purposes.

Optimizing locker usage and saving costs
  • Through GANTNER's cabinet management software, cabinets can be configured as desired, such as allowing each employee to use only one cabinet. Double allocations and permanently locked but unused cabinets are thus a thing of the past.
  • Save costs through efficient utilization. The flexibility and versatility of a GANTNER cabinet locking system can reduce the number of required cabinets by up to 50%.
  • You decide whether operation should only occur directly via a data carrier at the cabinet or additionally also at a central terminal. Users can freely choose their cabinets via PIN code (Self-Service) through the central terminal.
The right locker solution for every target group 
  • You decide whether employees can freely choose their cabinets daily (similar to their flexible workplace in the building) or whether they receive fixed assigned personal cabinets. Why not combine the two functions: Your employees choose smart office lockers themselves, which they keep until they are released by the employees themselves.
  • How a cabinet is chosen, whether it is available to a whole team, individuals, or visitors, is always flexible and easily adjustable via management software. 
  • No administrative effort for visitors: they choose a cabinet themselves for one-time use. Once it is no longer in use, it is released for the next visitor.
Locker manufactureres and Gantner form a symbiosis
  • The cabinet manufacturer of your choice designs your cabinets, and GANTNER ensures that our smart cabinet locking system turns them into a comfortable, flexible, and secure storage solution in the form of an electronic office locker.
  • We work with cabinet manufacturers worldwide and have a large network of local furniture producers. 
  • Our smart locker systems integrate discreetly into any cabinet design and enhance the aesthetics of our customers' requirements.
Locker locking solutions for every requirement
  • GANTNER has the right cabinet locking system for every company size, regardless of spatial or personnel constraints.
  • A smart locker system helps you efficiently control and optimize internal processes—for a smart office in a flexible work environment. 
  • Whether you enforce a "clean desk policy" in the office or want to securely store confidential documents, our cabinet locking solutions make such regulations easy to implement.

Smart Building: Integrated Office Lockers for Efficient Building Management

The smart locker system becomes part of your building management system. The administration and organization of the smart locker systems for office lockers are centrally managed, making it a breeze. Clear dashboards and effortless authorization management ensure the highest efficiency and security. Open interfaces guarantee seamless integration into other system components such as access control or HR systems, enabling perfect interaction of individual solutions for optimal security in the company. Existing access cards of all common RFID standards can be used. Our smart locker systems make your company a smart building and ensure powerful, efficient, and secure work processes.

Simple locker management
  • Easy and clear management of all smart lockers throughout the building conveniently from a central location.
  • Organization of all cabinet locking systems in the entire building complex: from changing room lockers, gym lockers, mailboxes, to office lockers, safes, and visitor lockers – you have all storage options in the smart office centrally under control.
  • Instant allocation and blocking of permissions. You determine who, when, which cabinets, where, and how often can be used – with a simple click.
Highest reliability and security
  • GANTNER smart locking solutions offer the highest reliability and meet the special and individual security requirements of your company.
  • Technical security measures ensure the highest quality and best protection. Thus, you get a secure and modern office concept to enable your employees to have flexible work environments.
  • An integrated tamper alarm, encrypted communication between lock and data carrier, and precise records of who operated the office locker when make a GANTNER smart locker system an important part of your building security system.
Effortless integration into third-party systems
  • Open interfaces ensure easy integration into existing organizational systems.
  • Data maintenance is centralized in one place. By connecting to your organizational or building management system, administration is effortless as all data can be directly transferred.
  • The option for visitors and employees to choose, use, and then release their lockers themselves relieves your administration team.
Various identification options
  • Our convenient, electronic cabinet locking systems for flexible workplaces are securely and easily used with the employee ID card, a chip, or a smartphone app.
  • The innovative locking systems for office lockers from GANTNER are available in all common RFID/NFC technologies.
  • Even existing electronic data carriers are supported by our modern cabinet locking systems.

Security & Comfort: Modern Changing Room Lockers for Flexible Work Environments

In a modern workplace, employees in end-of-trip facilities have the opportunity to change and freshen up for the office routine. A hygienic, clean, and secure changing room in pleasant surroundings ensures that employees feel comfortable. Enhance work-life balance and allow your employees to commute to the office by bike or go for a jog during lunch break. An innovative locker locking system from GANTNER ensures that your employees' personal belongings are securely stored. Access is conveniently granted with the employee ID card, a chip, or a smartphone app. And in case the corresponding data carrier is lost, it can be securely blocked. Through the management software, you can encode a new data carrier with the same permissions for the locker.

End-of-Trip Facilities
  • Modern locker rooms provide employees with the opportunity to commute to the company by bike or go for a jog during lunch break, and then change and freshen up for the office day.
  • Employee ID cards grant access to locker cabinets. Innovative locker locks from GANTNER ensure that only authorized individuals can use this facility.
  • By providing end-of-trip facilities, you support the health and well-being of your employees while simultaneously reducing the need for parking spaces by making commuting by bike, e-bike, or scooter more attractive.
Easy Cleaning
  • GANTNER locker locking systems ensure that lockers can automatically enter a maintenance mode after a certain period of use. Lockers with smart locker locking systems are only available again after cleaning.
  • The management software automatically notifies you of lockers in maintenance mode. Lockers can be opened and cleaned using designated, traceable key cards or other data carriers.
  • Integrated lights in the locker lock enhance comfort for employees and provide additional cleanliness by illuminating the locker.
  • Retrofitting existing coin- or key-operated locks with a GANTNER system is effortless and straightforward.
  • Thanks to battery power, no wiring of the locks is required, making it easy to convert existing lockers into secure and smart office lockers.
  • Battery-operated GANTNER locks can be centrally managed via radio frequency and provide information on the occupancy status of the locker system and the battery level.
Direct Locker Operation
  • Since lockers are operated directly at the locker door, there are no waiting times.
  • Locker usage is intuitive, language-independent, and secure.
  • As lockers can be operated contactlessly using data carriers, the hygiene factor is particularly high.

The office of tomorrow, today

Innovative Solutions from Gantner

Suitable personnel retention strategies for companies today extend beyond higher salaries and complimentary beverages. Modern office concepts featuring secure and optimized locker solutions, enabling flexible workspaces, have become a standard embraced by many firms. Our solutions for office lockers, including locker locking systems, are the result of years of research and quality control. They rank among the most sought-after products in the realm of flexible work environments. GANTNER is synonymous with top-tier quality in storage and security. Explore our offerings beyond office locker systems, encompassing solutions such as package stations and end-of-trip facilities, as well as healthcare access control and locking systems for industry and retail.

We provide our customers with the future of locker solutions and other RFID-based solutions like access control, which can be tailored to their specific needs. Whether you require a simple yet elegant solution for flexible workspaces or a concept for an internal package station, GANTNER has the perfect products to meet your requirements. Contact us through our inquiry form to learn more about our solutions for modern office concepts.

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