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The electronic RFID locker locking systems by GANTNER set a new standard in handling all logistical challenges. Modern parcel pickup stations can be utilized for central mail and package distribution within companies, as well as for larger logistics solutions in the areas of postal services, storage, and pickup/drop-off points. By integrating state-of-the-art RFID technology, a seamless process is enabled, maximizing efficiency and ensuring a significant increase in security.

Smart locking systems for parcel distribution and pickup stations.

With Gantner's advanced RFID locker locking systems, not only are logistical challenges overcome, but new standards of efficiency, security, and convenience are also set. Integrating these technologies into your operations will help optimize your processes and create a modern, forward-thinking solution. Gantner's groundbreaking RFID locker locking systems for parcel pickup stations offer a variety of possibilities:

  • Smooth operations: Thanks to electronic RFID technology, all processes from parcel delivery to pickup can proceed without delays or complications. This enables maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time monitoring: RFID technology allows for real-time monitoring of all operations in postal services, storage facilities, and pickup/drop-off points. This leads to precise management and increases transparency for all parties involved.
  • Maximum security: Electronic RFID locker locking systems ensure high security by identifying authorized individuals. Gantner locker locking systems offer various ways to open the lockers: via data carrier, QR or barcode, PIN code, and more. This prevents unauthorized access, which is particularly important in sensitive areas.
  • Customized adaptation: Gantner's RFID systems can be individually tailored to the requirements of your facility. Your customized solution can be ideally configured from our diverse software and hardware components, which can be perfectly tailored to your specific needs.
  • Innovative user experience: The user-friendliness of RFID locking systems makes interaction intuitive and convenient for users. This leads to a positive overall experience when using postal services, storage facilities, and pickup/drop-off points.



The unstoppable growth of online commerce not only affects the transportation industry but also significantly impacts the companies themselves, which must receive and internally distribute parcels. Especially in the area of delivering packages to recipients, innovative, 24/7 available, and easy-to-use solutions are in demand. The high demand for parcel deliveries has increased the necessity for creative approaches in this area. Parcel pickup stations offer significant added value. Such solutions are particularly important in companies with modern workplace concepts such as flex desks and home offices. Employees no longer have fixed workstations and irregularly spend time in the office building. To prevent parcel chaos or wrong individuals from getting hold of the parcels, parcels or letters can be collected centrally and securely with Gantner's Smart Logistics Hub. Employees can pick up their mail 24/7 when they are in the office premises.


GANTNER's electronic locker locking systems have been specifically designed for depot lockers and parcel pickup stations, among others. This makes the delivery and collection of shipments easier, more reliable, and uncomplicated than ever before. A parcel is deposited in a locker. The recipient receives either a pickup code (PIN, QR code, or barcode) via email or an RFID data carrier to pick up the parcel at any time and without the need for personnel. A central terminal ensures that the locker corresponding to the respective pickup code or data carrier is opened.


Recipients desire the simplest and most readily available delivery or receipt of parcels possible. Especially in the face of longer delivery times and a wider selection of goods, companies are seeking ways to expedite delivery processes while ensuring flexibility and convenience for all parties involved. With our smart locker locking systems with a central terminal for parcel pickup stations, we offer you the optimal solution for this.

centralized locker system


Automated services through Gantner's smart locking solutions: For the first time, post offices, retailers, and transportation companies can offer a significantly improved automated service compared to "Click and Collect" (online ordered goods are sent to a store for pickup) because this service is currently tied to the opening hours of a store or branch and requires personnel.

Gantner smart locker locks are suitable for lockers of any size, allowing for the storage of both large and small items. The number of lockers can also be flexibly planned according to requirements and available space. Additionally, they are versatile in design, compatible with various materials such as metal, wood, or MDF, making them suitable for any locker door. Corporate branding through color customization is also easily achievable.

The innovative locker system can be installed in secure parcel pickup stations that are accessible 24/7. Customers use the same access card or pickup code for entry to the pickup location and for accessing their locker. This process is similar to banks, where customers can access ATMs in bank lobbies using their card outside of business hours.

Delivery takes place in electronic lockers

Parcel storage

More and more buyers are conveniently placing their orders online from home. However, often the goods arrive when they are not present. Thanks to GANTNER's electronic locker locking systems, customers now have the option to pick up their goods around the clock at publicly accessible parcel stations.

In addition, there are numerous benefits for companies resulting from the intelligent combined use of barcode cards and contactless RFID/NFC solutions – particularly relevant if you are considering purchasing a parcel station. Here are some reasons why you should benefit from this advanced technology:

  • Efficiency enhancement
  • Precise management
  • Flexibility for recipients
  • Security and access control
  • Reduced error rate 
  • Customer-friendly solution
  • Resource savings

Efficiency and precision with Gantner

Optimal mail distribution in the company

Even in the era of digital communication and online marketing, efficient mail distribution in the company remains a crucial aspect for smooth business operations. Companies must ensure not only that their communication is fast and reliable but also that confidential information is protected. GANTNER understands the importance of optimal mail distribution and offers tailored solutions to streamline and improve mail flow in companies. From intelligent sorting and quick forwarding of incoming mail to the secure handling of confidential documents – GANTNER assists companies in saving time and resources while ensuring the security of sensitive information. With a focus on efficiency, precision, and the security of companies, GANTNER is your partner to elevate mail distribution in the company to a new level.

Effective management of internal mail with a Gantner solution

Smooth handling of internal mail is an indispensable component of a well-functioning company. Gantner offers tailored solutions to efficiently manage and distribute internal mail. Our innovative system enables companies to optimize the flow of documents, messages, and materials within the organization. From central capture and sorting to fast and reliable distribution to the respective recipient areas, Gantner ensures that internal mail finds its way punctually and precisely. Rely on Gantner to improve your operational processes and strengthen communication within the company – thanks to our solutions for efficient internal mail.

Internal Mailroom: Optimized Communication

The internal mailroom forms the core of efficient intra-company communication, and Gantner offers you the expertise to optimize this central function. Our solutions for internal mailrooms streamline the entire process – from receiving and processing incoming shipments to targeted distribution to the relevant departments and employees. By using state-of-the-art technology, Gantner enables transparent tracking of shipments and accelerated forwarding, making communication within the company more effective and efficient. Trust Gantner  to transform your internal mailroom into a well-orchestrated hub of communication, ensuring smooth information flow within your company.

Gantner: Your path to cross-industry soltuions

In addition to innovative solutions for parcel pickup stations, we also offer outstanding offerings for various other industry sectors in our portfolio. Our premium Office Lockers optimize workplace storage, while our End-of-Trip Facilities make the journey to work even more pleasant. Trust in our expertise in Bank Access Control to ensure security and efficiency. Furthermore, we provide locking systems for industries and retail, seamlessly supporting operational processes. Gantner is not only your competent partner for parcel pickup stations – we are the key to a wide range of advanced solutions for diverse requirements. Let's explore your needs together and find the perfect solution.

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