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Gantner's key-less access control systems and electronic locker systems provide everything an employer needs to make EoT facilities highly secure and convenient for their employees. 


Electronic Locker Locks Protect Personal Items at the End of the Trip

Well-being and flexibility in the workplace are becoming increasingly important factors for employees and employers alike. This includes the ability for employees to cycle to work, change clothes and securely store their personal belongings in their own locker during working hours. Gantner's comprehensive "End of Trip" solutions help companies make life easier for their employees and improve their motivation as well as their performance.


Benefits of smart locker systems in EoT-Facilities

Use the lockers of your choice: Our locks are installed so they do not interfere with the design of the cabinet.

Integrated alarm system that immediately registers attempted break-ins.

Personal storage solutions for flexible workspaces.

Integration with existing enterprise systems is possible.

Let employees choose their wons lockers

No more permanently locked lockers and lost keys.


Increase employee satisfaction

End-of-trip (EoT) facilities are becoming more common in office buildings, educational and recreational facilities, shopping centers, medical offices, and commercial buildings worldwide. These provide employees who bike, jog, or walk to work with access to showers, locker rooms, or lockers for personal belongings, and secure bike parking. The same credential can be used to identify access to these and other areas, and to open and close lockers. With this increase in convenience, flexibility, and security, companies can provide a better working environment for their employees and become more attractive to future applicants. An investment in smart locker systems and employee locker rooms pays for itself.


Employers Need Secure End-of-Trip Facilities

Many employees like to jog or bike to work. Showers, changing rooms, lockers and cabinets are needed at the workplace. Electronic access control and intelligent locker systems from Gantner make this possible. Additonally, security is curcial in EoT facilities - such as access control, storage of personal belongings and equipment, or employee privacy in the locker room. With Gantner's solutions, employers can guarantee the safety of all involved, the premises and valuables at all times.

Employees need to change work clothes and store work equipment safely

In some companies, specific work attire is mandatory. In locker rooms, employees can change before work, store their personal clothes and belongings in a designated or personal locker, and focus on their tasks. After work, they can shower and return their work clothes to their locker.

Increase attractiveness to current employees and future candidates

Professional end-of-trip facilities not only enhance convenience for current employees but also make your company more appealing to potential candidates, giving you an advantage in today's competitive job market.

Electronic access control and smart locker systems: The solutions from Gantner

Labor laws in various countries require gender-specific changing and showering facilities. With Gantner's innovative access solutions, employers can quickly and easily assign individual access rights to specific areas of their facilities. The modern locking systems for industry, trade, and commerce make it possible to control who is allowed to be where and when at all times. In locker rooms, a specific locker can be assigned to an employee or a new locker can be selected each day for clothing, work equipment, and personal items. Our RFID-based access media (smart cards, wristbands, etc.) combined with electronic locker locking systems give you maximum flexibility. Maximize the convenience of your end-of-trip facility and the security in your company, while reducing the effort and costs for your company! We also offer advanced and secure end-of-trip and healthcare access control solutions for your healthcare facility. We will be happy to advise you personally.

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