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In the era of digital transformation, fitness clubs must stay current with evolving trends to meet customer expectations. The surge in digital platforms and technological advancements requires adaptation for a seamless, innovative customer experience. To remain competitive, fitness clubs should embrace these shifts, offering tech-savvy solutions. Now its the perfect ime to upgrade the digital journey throughout the entire club, ensuring relevance and appeal in the modern fitness landscape.


Make your fitness club more digital

Digitalization is not merely about offering fitness classes online, of course. The clubs that will leap ahead in this new market are those that embed digital solutions into all of their member-facing operations.

To create a superior member experience, maximize club security and free up staff time to focus on outstanding customer care, there’s really only one future path to take – and that’s digital.

With Gantner by your side as a leading fitness technology provider, you can automate and optimize all areas of your club operations, from parking, and check-in, to locker access and convenient cashless payment systems.

Gantner can show you that tech doesn’t need to be complicated in order to elevate your fitness club to the best, most talked about place in town!

Using our simple but sophisticated RFID/NFC touchless technology – in the form of a durable member card, wristband, key tag, or smartphone  – your members will be able to effortlessly and securely access and use all areas of the club available to them.

Our highly developed systems can be fitted easily into your club operations, with terminals, readers, controllers, cloud services, and additional hardware all tailored to the unique requirements of your fitness business.

Our three core solutions for fitness clubs

A simple swipe of their membership credential can give verified access to the car park and the club entrance in seconds, while data displayed instantly to the receptionist will allow staff to greet individual members by name if so wanted.

For the club, our tamper-proof credentials linked to a networked system will eliminate member abuse by granting entrance to only paying members and enable you to know exactly who is in your club at any one time. Access control can be fully automated 24/7, while individual member access can also be restricted to certain areas of the club at any time through any of the common club management systems. As always with a Gantner solution, club owners can keep full control of their operations, both on-site and remotely.

Your staff will be freed up from many of the usual time-consuming daily club tasks, with more time to focus on building those all-important face-to-face relationships.

First impressions count! Many new and prospective fitness members may judge your club not only on how good your changing rooms look but how hassle-free they are to use. Imagine your member walking into the changing rooms, seeing at one glance which lockers are vacant, or accessing a simple touch-terminal to find a vacant locker, and then simply using their smartphone or membership card to open and close it. If they forget where their locker is, they can simply locate it using the changing room terminal.

From a club owner’s point of view, you can always keep complete control of your lockers by monitoring and accessing them from a central reception terminal. Eliminate overnight ‘locker hogging’ by having an end-of-day open function, boost security with 24-hr alerts for attempted break-ins, prohibit occupancy of multiple lockers, and even create bespoke longer-term locker access as a membership upsell. Optimized locker assignments may also reduce the number of lockers needed, saving you space, maintenance time, and ultimately money!

The possibilities are endless, and Gantner has innovative locker solutions for all sizes and types of health and fitness clubs Plus, smart electronic locker lock solutions, that can be easily retrofitted into your existing lockers without the need for cabling.

Once you’ve maxed out your member subscriptions, the route to increasing club revenue is of course to upsell your members on attractive additional services such as physio treatments, tanning, or power plates, as well as making it easy for them to spend on everyday products like vending, fitness accessories and food and beverage whenever they’re in your club.

GANTNER’S cashless payment systems can be comfortably used with the member’s ID card. Just imagine, with this one credential, they’ve been able to access and check in to your club securely and with ease, store their belongings in the changing room securely and with ease – and now they’ll be able to spend securely and with ease too.

With a Gantner cashless payment system, your members will never need to carry cash or even a bank card, as they can simply get what they need with the swipe of their member card or wristband.

From an operations point of view, you’ll also be freeing up staff from dealing with time-consuming transactions, leaving them more time to focus on exceptional member care.

So from the juice bar to the coffee machine to the in-club retail area or out-of-hours vending station, the ease of a Gantner cashless card system will encourage your members to spend with just a simple swipe. They’ll be happy, and so will your business bank account!

Grow with Gantner

Switching to an automated Gantner system is easier than you think. We offer a completely modular structure which means you only have to use the products that you need for your particular fitness club circumstances, and you can expand and make additions to the club system at any time in the future. Integration with third-party software and hardware (such as club management software, turnstiles, lockers, etc.) can be done both easily and inexpensively.

Let your customers build their strength and muscles, while a Gantner automated, touchless system grows with your fitness club, innovating and adapting quickly to changes in the health and fitness market.

With our system, you can be virtually by the side of your customers as they make their daily member journey through your facility. And behind the scenes, Gantner will be by your side as a trusted business manager, from initial consultation and evaluation to concept design, solution delivery, and ongoing support. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your fitness business grows healthy and strong.

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