Time recording & electronic locking systems for industry and retail


Gantner's electronic locking systems for industry and retail meet the requirements of modern businesses for security and time efficiency. Whether bustling shopping centers, large warehouses, or company halls, research and development laboratories, or office buildings: Gantner's commercial and industrial solutions enable smooth operations that can be centrally controlled and monitored. Learn more about our industry and retail solutions.

RFID solutions for industry and retail

Gantner's RFID solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of industry and retail. Whether RFID locking systems for industry or time tracking terminals for retail, our scalable solutions enable convenient workflows and the highest level of security while saving time.

For example, industrial companies require a solution to manage large areas, buildings, and areas with different security levels, to verify visitors and temporary workers, and to protect sensitive sectors such as fuel depots. In retail, such as in shopping centers, individual shops or tenants, daily deliveries, and a huge number of visitors need to be securely managed, while in scientific laboratories or medical research facilities, highly sensitive data, equipment, and large staff numbers need to be protected.

Tailored access control

Gantner's innovative electronic access control and locker locking systems provide companies with precisely the solution that meets their specific business needs and budgetary requirements. They ensure security while also meeting the requirements of liability insurance. Additionally, they increase the comfort of employees and create an atmosphere where they feel safe.


Our contactless electronic access control systems are centrally configured to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to certain areas or facilities at precisely defined times. These access rights can also be transferred to multiple locations.

Introduce a card for all systems, allowing your employees to access, lock cabinets, and even make cashless payments in the employee cafeteria using their employee ID card, thanks to GANTNER's award-winning RFID solutions. Personalization with a photo and name, as well as position, facilitates identification.

Biometric verification offers a higher level of security for facilities and areas that require extra protection, such as data-sensitive laboratories or executive areas. Access control terminals of the locking systems for industry and retail, for example, recognize the stored fingerprints of authorized employees.

Fully integrated time tracking terminals allow even the largest organizations and companies to centrally monitor the arrivals and departures of full-time and part-time employees and connect this data with the HR department.

Gantner's keyless, electronic locking systems are ideal for large facilities, providing employees and daily visitors with secure and convenient storage options — all from a central terminal.

The open interfaces of Gantner solutions ensure that our system can seamlessly integrate into your existing third-party software solution — regardless of the application's design.

Access and time tracking for industry and commerce — with one RFID credential

The various permissions required in industry and commerce would necessitate complex key management with a traditional key-bound locking system, consolidating time resources. The respective roles can be quickly assigned with an RFID locking system using access control system management software. Moreover, the same data carrier can also be used at a time tracking terminal. This way, you can always know which person is in which area. An interface to your HR software facilitates payroll processing through digital time tracking. Employees can view and manage sick days and vacation days themselves at the terminal with a multilingual user interface.

Specifically for industry and retail

Gantner's solutions can be easily tailored to the needs of industry or retail. For instance, secure access control in the industry begins at the factory entrance. Long-range readers enable convenient access control from the driver's cabin. Automatic barriers or rolling gates can be easily connected via an interface. In busy warehouses, authorized employees enter without delay using RFID data carriers. Particularly sensitive areas of research and development are additionally protected by PIN codes or biometric readers.

In end-of-trip facilities, employees can open locker locks with the same card after checking in at the entrance. Thanks to high-quality materials, Gantner's data carriers are also resistant to dirt and moisture. From installation onwards, you benefit from a long lifespan with electronic locker locks, digital time tracking terminals, and locking systems for industry when you choose GANTNER solutions.

Time tracking and access control in supermarkets or shopping centers

In retail, the requirements for time tracking and locking systems are weighted differently. Unlike factory premises, customer traffic in supermarkets or retail stores is part of the business during opening hours. However, adjacent storage rooms as well as staff and break rooms must remain accessible to employees and closed to customers. Doors and gates that are always closed except when opened by staff using RFID data carriers ensure that unauthorized individuals do not have access. Suppliers are granted access for a limited time, which can be set via the management system. Whether it's a rolling gate, wooden door, or glass sliding door, the installation of digital locking systems for industry or retail is easily possible for all materials, even as a retrofit. Learn more about our solutions for your industry or retail businesses here.

Security for industry and retail

Solutions by Gantner

Factories, laboratories, shopping centers, and stores deal with a high number of employees, customers, and suppliers on a daily basis. Maintaining control over the constant flow of people allows Gantner's electronic access solution to ensure security. Gantner's hardware and software solutions are tailored to the security needs of businesses with diverse requirements. In addition to locking systems for industry and retail, we also offer flexible solutions for access control in banks and government agencies, as well as healthcare access control for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

We prioritize user-friendly management that meets all data security requirements, as well as convenient operation for end users. Therefore, your employees can conveniently use smart office lockers with the same data carrier in your company, request vacation time at the time tracking terminal, and pay with cashless payment in the cafeteria or at vending machines. Interested in learning more about your options with Gantner solutions? Then submit a non-binding inquiry to a contact person near you! We are happy to advise you.

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