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Parcel Pick Up Stations are a growing trend
Smart logistic solutions

Parcel pick up stations

With GANTNER’s NFC electronic locking system, every logistical challenge for postal applications, storage, and pick-up/drop-off stations is resolved.

Smart locking system for self-service stations


Shopping is now a 24-hour experience, as more and more consumers use their smart phones, tablets or computers to place orders for goods online.While the boom in website purchases is great news for retailers, it also presents a growing challenge for the logistics companies responsible for getting physical goods into the hands of consumers. Parcel Pick Up Stations are fast becoming the answer.


GANTNER’s system for automated postal lockers linked to a central terminal is a clever solution to the problem, matching parcels to consumers in the most time efficient and cost effective way. When packages are delivered to a safe box terminal, consumers will receive a text message and can then pick up at their earliest convenience, opening their box by a Pin Code or with a specially programmed RFID card or fob.


As the need for more creative delivery options grows, the retailers and logistics companies who come up with the best delivery technology solutions are most likely to be the winners in this highly competitive market.

Efficient delivery and pick up is possible
Customers can enter a PIN code to access their parcel
Smart lockers are high security spaces
Lockers are linked to a centralised system
Compartments come in a variety of sizes
The centralised control panel is highly secure and uses RFID technology

How does the system work?

For logistic solutions using a GANTNER Smart Lock System, the locker or box is automatically locked by pushing the door shut, and does not require the presentation of a credential at the door (card, wristband, or key tag).

To open a locker, a user is identified at a central terminal by presenting their credential, and the door is automatically opened via electronic signal to the lock.

A GANTNER locking system enables the 24/7 availability of lockers and boxes entirely without staff. Use the latest technology from GANTNER and consult with us to develop a self-service, cost-efficient application that meets your specific needs.

Benefits of a centralized locker solution


With GANTNER’s smart lock solution, post boxes, retailers and logistics companies can offer a more automated service than Click and Collect (online goods delivered to a physical store) which is currently tied to a store’s opening hours and requires staff handling.


GANTNER’s automated locks can work with any size of smart delivery box, enabling the pick up of both large and small items.


Smart boxes can be located in 24-hour safe stations, with the consumer using the same smart card to access both the station and the box – similar to the way bank customers can access indoor cash machines out of hours.


Linked to a central delivery terminal, GANTNER’s smart system can feedback powerful data on deliveries, pickups and returns to keep the whole logistics process running smoothly

Secure deliveries using RFID parcel system

Electronic centralized postal delivery systems are the future

With GANTNER’s NFC electronic locking system and RFID credentials, every logistical challenge for postal applications, secure locker storage, and easy check-in and check-out of parcels is catered for.