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Smart solutions for intelligent office workplaces

Electronic Locker Locks for Smart Offices

With our secure, flexible, and innovative locker locking systems, we support companies in realizing modern forms of flexible working concepts and implementing today's requirements for an attractive workplace.

  • Applicable for every locker use case
  • Easy and simple operation with data carrier
  • Reduction of office space and administrative effort

New ways of working together

Digital transformation creates new possibilities

Our working world is changing enormously. Digitalization and new demands on the workplace have a major impact. As a result, new working concepts have developed and ultimately changed the nature and role of our workplaces. This means that companies must adapt to these new requirements and implement innovative concepts for a modern work environment. The linchpin of these changes are smart office lockers. They play a central role in the successful implementation of safe, efficient, and ultimately hygienic workplaces.

Save money & space

Smart storage enables efficient use of resources: less expensive office space is required.

Easy to operate

The intuitive use via smartphone or employee ID guarantees a high level of acceptance.

Simple to manage

A RFID locker system allows central control and easy system maintenance.

Smart Office

Office lockers for innovative and future-oriented workplaces

Modern, open office concepts with freely selectable desks and opportunities for creative exchange and communication require one thing: secure storage space for your employees. The heart of an innovative workplace concepts are electronic smart office locker solutions that give every employee a piece of privacy, security, and convenience. In the battle for the best talent, innovative working environments, a mixture of home office and direct exchange in the office, play an essential role. The personal locker is just as important as furniture lockers that are shared or available to an entire team. This enables desks to be freely chosen and used by everyone. This way you save expensive office space, ensure efficient processes and at the same time meet the employees’ today’s needs for an attractive workplace. You can also give your employees the option to choose a locker themselves, use it permanently, release it again, and even automatically commission the lockers for cleaning.

Flexible Use

With one mouse click, change the functionality of your smart lockers for different user groups: employees, departments, or guests.

High Security

Motorized, robust metal door bolts and encrypted data transmission guarantee safe use.


Touchless technology, automated distance control, and user tracing provide additional security – not only in pandemic times.

  • The smart locker system manages a fair distribution of lockers. Typicall one for every user. Double occupancy and permanently locked but unused lockers are a thing of the past.
  • Save costs through efficient use. The flexibility and versatility of a GANTNER office locker system can reduce the number of lockers required by up to 50%.
  • You decide whether the operation should only take place directly at the locker or also at a central terminal, which allows you to select lockers yourself and to release them yourself (self-service).
  • You decide whether employees can choose their locker freely daily (such as their workplace in the building) or whether they receive permanently assigned personal lockers. Combine the two functions: your employees choose their own lockers that they have until they are released again by the employees themselves.
  • How a locker can be chosen, whether it is available to a whole team, individual people, or visitors, is flexible and easy to adapt at any time.
  • No administrative effort for visitors: they choose a locker themselves for one-time use. As soon as it is no longer in use, it is released for the next visitor. If no RFID credential is available, there is the option of working with PIN codes.
  • The locker manufacturer of your choice designs and builds your lockers and GANTNER ensures that our electronic locking system turns them into a convenient, flexible, and secure storage solution.
  • We work with locker manufacturers all over the world and have a large network of local furniture manufacturers.
  • Our electronic lock systems can be discreetly integrated into any locker design, is compatible with all kind of door materials and underline the aesthetics of the customer’s requirements.
  • GANTNER has the right office locker system for companies of all sizes, regardless of the amount space or personnel.
  • An electronic locker system helps you to efficiently control and optimize internal processes.
  • Regardless of whether you specify a “clean desk policy” in the office or want to store confidential documents in a protected manner, with our office locker solutions, such policies are easy to implement.

Smart Building

Integrated office locker systems for efficient building management

The office locker system becomes part of your building management system. The lockers are managed and organized from a central point, making their administration a breeze. Clear dashboards and effortless authorization management ensure maximum efficiency and security. Open interfaces guarantee complete integration into other system components such as access control or HR systems and enable perfect interaction between the individual solutions. Our electronic lock systems turn your company into a smart building and ensure high-performance, efficient, and safe work processes.

Fully integrated – IoT

The RFID locking system is fully integrated into the building’s management system and connected to the access control system or a company app.


Real-time data to locker usage lets you control your smart building and optimize processes.

Green responsibility

Optimize your green footprint, protect the environment. The abandonment of batteries and the maintenance-free operation support your green building strategy.

  • Simple and clear management of all electronic lockers in the entire building conveniently from a central location.
  • Organization of all lockers in the entire building complex: from changing room lockers, production lockers, and mailboxes to office lockers, safe deposit boxes, and visitor lockers – you have everything centrally under control.
  • Allocation and blocking of authorizations in seconds. You determine who can use which locker when, where, and how often – with one mouse click.
  • GANTNER office locker solutions offer maximum reliability and meet your special security requirements.
  • Technical safety precautions in the lock ensure the highest quality and best protection.
  • An integrated break-in alarm, encrypted communication between lock and data carrier, as well as precise records of who used the locker and when, make a GANTNER electronic locker system an important part of your building security system.
  • Open interfaces ensure easy integration into existing organizational systems.
  • The data management takes place in one place. The connection to your HR or building access management system makes administration effortless, as all data can be transferred directly.
  • The fact that visitors and employees can choose their locker themselves, use them and then release them again, relieves the burden on your administration team.
  • Our convenient, electronic locker systems can be operated safely and easily with an employee ID card, a chip, or a mobile phone.
  • The innovative locker locking systems from GANTNER expand all common RFID / NFC access solutions.
  • Existing electronic access solutions and data carriers are also supported by our modern electronic locker locks.

Modern Changing Room Lockers

Ensure more security and comfort in the company

In a modern working environment, employees have the opportunity to change and freshen up for everyday office life. A hygienic, clean, and safe locker in comfortable rooms ensures that employees feel at ease. This also gives your employees the opportunity to come to the office by bike or go jogging during their lunch break. An innovative electronic locker system from GANTNER ensures that your employees’ personal belongings are kept safe. It can be used conveniently with an employee ID card, a chip, or a smartphone. And if the corresponding data carrier is lost, the personal locker can be operated temporarily via the self-service terminal.

Easy retrofitting

Convert all types of existing locker locks to electronic locks. Integrated BLE interfaces ensure central integration and a future-proof investment.

Hygienic & clean

Our smart locking system enables easy cleaning. Lockers that need cleaning cannot be used; the cleaning notification is automated.


Employees choose a locker themselves. If your data carrier is lost, they can independently obtain temporary authorization from a central terminal.

  • Modern changing rooms offer employees the opportunity to come to work by bike or to jog during their lunch break and then change and freshen up for the office day.
  • Changing room lockers can be used with the employee ID card. Innovative locker locks from GANTNER ensure that only authorized persons can use this offer.
  • With end-of-trip systems you support the health of your employees as well as the desire to exercise and at the same time reduce the number of parking spaces required.
  • GANTNER locker locking systems ensure that the lockers go automatically into maintenance mode after a certain usage cycle and are only available again after cleaning.
  • The cleaning staff is automatically informed about lockers in maintenance mode and opens the locker with their own, traceable data carriers.
  • Thanks to the integrated light in the locker, the comfort for the employees is even higher and the lighting of the locker gives an additional feeling of cleanliness.
  • Retrofitting existing coin or key locks is effortless and easy with a GANTNER system.
  • Thanks to a battery supply option, no wiring of the locks is necessary.
  • Battery-operated GANTNER locks can also be managed via radio and provide information about the occupancy status of the locker system and the battery level.
  • Since the lockers are operated directly at the locker door, there are no waiting times or encounters at a central terminal.
  • The use of the locker is intuitive, language-independent, and secure.
  • Since not many employees have to touch the same central terminal, but only their own locker, the hygiene factor is particularly high.

Smart Logistics

Logistic solutions for parcel deliveries, IT equipment and document storage

The number of packages is increasing – by up to 30% per year. Even if you have a central collection point, deliveries have to be distributed throughout the building. Intelligent, package locker systems are a secure, convenient, and easy-to-manage solution. They automate the notification and tracking process and outsource the delivery process. This saves you resources and increases the service for your employees at the same time. The lockers are available 24/7 and your employees can pick up their parcel, mail or the required IT equipment at any time using their smartphone, PIN code or employee ID card. Logistics has never been so convenient and efficient as with a GANTNER solution.


A GANTNER Smart Mail System is suitable for any locker size and any locker material. It fits discreetly into any design concept.

Secure deposit

Valuable items are kept safe. All openings are fully documented, and the goods can be easily tracked.

Simple operation

The parcel box is opened independently, contactless and 24/7 using a smartphone, PIN code or RFID employee ID.

  • Parcel deliverers or suppliers store the parcels for employees in secure lockers.
  • Internal departments can provide employees with equipment that can be picked up independently 24/7.
  • The individual mailboxes are operated via an intuitive, multilingual terminal.
  • A GANTNER electronic locker system can transform almost any locker into a modern post office.
  • The customer’s design visions are implemented individually by the furniture maker of their choice.
  • Alarm-protected, fully integrated locker locks adapt to any design specification and also protect against vandalism and misuse.
  • Modern parcel stations ensure that parcel deliveries and pick up contacts can be traced at any time
  • The recipient and the parcel sender are notified conveniently via email.
  • All activities are logged and can be looked up by the administrator at any time.
  • Parcel delivery or, for example, distribution of technical equipment distribution is very easy and can be conveniently done around the clock.
  • Employees have the opportunity to receive parcels in the office without disrupting business operations. As a special service, the company ensures that employees can collect their parcels 24/7.
  • In the fight for the greatest talent, you make your company more attractive as an employer, as you solve the employee’s problem of not being able to receive parcels during the day because nobody is home.

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