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Relaxx web interface

Locker management made easy.

The new web interface helps reduce staff and management costs while increasing flexibility and convenience. The Relaxx software, which manages the entire installation, shows real-time occupancy, alarm status, locker usage statistics, and the ability to configure lockers for multiple modes – free, personal, and shared.

Relaxx is used to visualize, monitor, and configure the GAT NET.Lock 7000 locking system. In addition to displaying the occupancy and alarm status, the software offers central functions such as automatic opening, statistics, and remote control of lockers. The Relaxx software can be integrated with third-party software to simplify locker management for you.

All regular activities can also be performed using a web browser via our new web UI. The interface impresses with its new and intuitive design, which also makes the display of locker usage much more straightforward.

The Relaxx web interface is supplied as standard in the Relaxx installation package and does not require any additional license.