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Reduce your costs for parking areas - Use a smart locker system instead

Smart Locking Solutions for your End-of-Trip Facility.

GANTNER’s key-less access control systems and electronic locker system provide everything an employer needs to make EoT facilities highly secure and convenient for their employees.

Are you still trying to organise your keys for your lockers?


Workplace wellbeing provision is a growing trend, and GANTNER’s wide range of technology is enabling companies to make the lives of their employees better and more productive by providing end-of-trip facilities at their place of work.


End-of-trip (EoT) facilities are cropping up in office buildings around the world – rewarding those who choose the healthy option of cycling, jogging or walking to work with comfortable onsite facilities like showers, changing rooms, personal lockers and secure bike parking.


As end-of-trip facilities increasingly become an expected feature in new-build offices, landlords of older buildings could also improve their competitiveness in the leasing market by installing these facilities too.


GANTNER’s key-less access control systems, biometric technology and automated lockers provide everything an employer needs to make EoT facilities highly secure and convenient for their staff. With more employees working flexibly and choosing sustainable transport methods, companies are offering employee lockers, day lockers and end-of-trip facilities. Employee lockers and day lockers support the agile workplace optimising company resources. Smart locker systems allow facilities to grow storage with reduced costs to the company.

More companies are building end-of-trip facilities for employees

Who can benefit from providing End-of-Trip facilities?

Commercial office buildings and hospitals

Shopping centres

Tertiary education facilities


PERSONAL STORAGE SOLUTION for agile workplaces

ACCESS SYSTEM for quick transition times

REDUCED COSTS with flexible storage solutions


Integration with existing company systems possible.


Quick transition times with electronic systems.


Reduced administration and maintenance needs.


Let the employees choose their own lockers


Elimination of locker downtime and lost keys


For both employers and employees


Streamlined locker design for superior function and aesthetics


Storage space everywhere and at all times


Alarmed system in case of theft

Lockers can be linked to an alarmed network Keyless access for smart lockers

Are you interested in additional opportunities like charging your mobile devices?

Electronic lockers empower interior designers and architects to create a space that reflects the client’s aesthetic.

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    Why choosing a smart locking solution?

    We can show you why you should set up a successful locker room.

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      Personal lockers will give people a space to store clothes and other belongings such as bicycle helmets, cycling shoes and toiletries. When determining the number of lockers to be provided, consider what is needed for people involved in lunchtime or after work exercise activities. A good locker management system should be put in place to ensure that they are used appropriately. This could mean asking people to register for a locker and regular checks that lockers are being used. When people leave the company, clearing out the locker and advising the facilities manager should be on the exit checklist.

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        Electronic lockers empower interior designers and architects to create a space that reflects the client’s aesthetic.

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          Are your lockers easily accessed by persons who do not work in the building?

          Your employees may access to the building through bicycle parking locations via car parks, pedestrian entries, internal elevators or other access points depending on the nature of the site.

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            Is secure, long-stay bicycle parking provided at your workplace?

            Be aware that only authorised personnel access your end-of-trip facilities and can store their bikes and personal belongings in a safe way.

            • Integrate with access control and HR software for a streamlined solution.
            • Easily cancel or restrict access.
            • Easily issue temporary staff-id cards.
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            End-of-trip facilities for better workplace wellness

            Corporate offices can offer end-of-trip facilities without compromising security

            GANTNER’s keyless access control systems, biometric technology and fingerprint systems, and automated lockers provide everything an employer needs to create a high security end-of-trip facility. Existing employee ID cards can enable staff to check-in to these facilities and gain access to shows and personal locker storage..

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